Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Cheats for GameCube

Get all life upgrades and secret weapons in the GameCube version

Prince of Persia character in front of a desert landscape

gracewells533 / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

The GameCube version of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within has a cheat code that lets you use special abilities at any time in addition to other secrets. Learn how to find every life upgrade and see the true ending.

These cheats are for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on Nintendo GameCube, but some information also applies to versions for other consoles.

Prince of Persia Sand Slots Cheat Code

Plug a GameCube controller into the fourth player port and hold down the B button. At the same time, input the following code on controller one: X, X, A, B, B, A, Y, Y.

Enter this code at any time to refill your sand slots so that you can use your special abilities whenever you need them.

How to Keep Your Secondary Weapon With the Sand Slots Cheats

Entering the above cheat code will throw away your secondary weapon; however, if you rewind time after entering the code, you'll get to keep your weapon in exchange for one sand slot.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

Obtain all hidden life upgrades and go to the hourglass room to collect a sword in the center of the room, then finish the game to see the true ending.

All Life Upgrade Locations

There are nine life upgrades hidden throughout the game. Some can be found immediately after you get a new item or ability, while others require some backtracking. They can be obtained in the following order.

Life Upgrade Time Period Location
Life Upgrade 1 Past After defeating the girl in black for the second time, pull on the large altar at the ground level of the sacrificial chamber to uncover a secret path.
Life Upgrade 2 Past After getting Slow Time, go to the courtyard with the timed floor switch and use the ability to get past the gate.
Life Upgrade 3 Past After getting the Serpent Sword, turn the switches on the opposite side of the room to raise some platforms leading to a secret door.
Life Upgrade 4 Past Go through the broken fencing in the overgrown room in the Garden Tower and drop down the ledges to find a secret door.
Life Upgrade 5 Past Climb up the ledge after turning on the water in the second Garden Tower water puzzle.
Life Upgrade 6 Past Break through a wall in the Clock Tower room with the golem that throws explosives.
Life Upgrade 7 Past After getting the Scorpion Sword, break through the walls in the Roman courtyard room to uncover a gate and a timed switch. Use Slow Time to solve the puzzle and go through the gate.
Life Upgrade 8 Past Follow one of the circular beams near the entrance of the Library to find a wall with three ledges that you can climb to find the hidden path.
Life Upgrade 9 Past Go back to the beginning where you first chased the girl in black, ascend the platforms, and break through the metal bars to find a crate. Move the crate onto the platform and use it to reach a passage to the roof.

How to Unlock the Illustration Gallery

Complete the story to view concept art for the game.

How to Find the Secret Weapons

There are five unique hidden weapons. Getting most of them requires you to backtrack to certain areas where you can break through walls.

Secret Weapon Location
Glowing Sword Go past the first gate in the Mystic Caves, then drop into the pit and break through the nearby wall.
Hockey Stick Follow the path where you found the life upgrade in the Central Hall during the Throne and Mask level and break through the wall with sand flowing down it.
Pink Flamingo Go to the Garden Hall in the present and break through a wall in the alcove.
Rayman's Glove While being chased by Dahaka the second or third time in the Catacombs, look for a hidden path to the left.
Teddy Bear Get to the top of the West Clock Tower (where you fought the second golem), warp to the present, then drop down the hole into the water and break through the nearby wall.

What Is Dahaka Saying?

Dahaka seems to make random noises, but he's actually speaking English backward. Rewind time while he's speaking to hear what he has to say.

How to Play as the Sandwraith

The second time you come to the portal room, the Prince will note that something is wrong. Disregard his warning and go through the portal to switch the time to the present, then save and quit the game. When you reload, you'll be playing as a sandwraith. Your health with continuously drain, but you'll move much faster and have stronger attacks.

This trick can result in game-breaking glitches. Save your game in a different slot before attempting this to continue playing as the Prince.