Prime Members Now Get Free Grubhub Delivery

$0 in delivery fees for one year

Grubhub and Amazon have teamed up to offer Prime members a free year of Grubhub+, which allows for an unlimited number of $0 delivery fee orders from participating restaurants.

It can be difficult to choose between third-party food delivery services these days, but if you're an Amazon Prime member, that'll be less of an issue now. Thanks to a collaboration between Amazon and Grubhub, all Prime members are now eligible for a free year (12 months) of Grubhub+.

General views of the Amazon Delivery Station and Amazon Fulfillment Center

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Grubhub (and by extension, Grubhub+) is functionally the same as delivery services like Door Dash in that it acts as a go-between for users and restaurants that may not offer delivery. You place an order at the desired place—through Grubhub—and someone will pick it up from the restaurant and bring it to your chosen location.

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What sets Grubhub+ apart slightly is that you no longer have to pay extra in delivery fees (at participating restaurants) for orders over $12. Tax and tips are still a factor, but delivery fees can vary greatly depending on the order size and add up over time if you get a lot of meals delivered.

The Amazon Prime Grubhub+ promotion has already begun, with new and current Prime members able to sign up for the premium food delivery service via Amazon's website. Free Grubhub+ memberships will automatically renew at $9.99 per month once the 12-month trial period is over but can be manually canceled.

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