Prime Members Can Now Send Gifts With Only an Email

Phone numbers can be used, too

Amazon has launched a new feature that lets Prime members send gifts by just entering a recipient's email or mobile phone number.

According to a company blog post, the feature works as an alternate delivery option if a user doesn't have the recipient's home address. At checkout, members can select a new option that says, "Let the recipient provide their address" upon choosing the gift.

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The user then enters that person’s email or phone number to notify them of the gift. When the recipient receives the notification, they can accept the gift by providing their home address.

When notified, recipients also have the option to exchange the item for an Amazon gift card without that information being passed on to the gift giver.

It’s unknown how the company plans to address abuse at the hands of scammers and stalkers. Although the gift giver never has access to the recipient’s mailing address, that doesn’t stop someone from bombarding their email with notifications.

According to The Verge, Amazon does not provide a way for Prime members or recipients to opt out of this new service. However, people can notify Amazon’s customer service if they have an issue. Harassing people with gifts they don’t want constitutes a violation of the company’s community guidelines.

The new feature is exclusive to Amazon Prime members in the United States on the mobile app. The company has yet to say whether this feature will expand to non-Prime users or outside the US. Rollout began on Monday, and the feature will arrive for all users over the coming weeks.

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