Price Comparison: Unlimited Online Backup Plans

Which Unlimited Online Backup Service is Cheapest?

Unlimited online backup plans allow you to backup as much as you want — 250 GB, 1 TB, 50 TB, etc. — making them perfect options for you data hoarders out there.

Below are monthly calculated prices for all available unlimited plans from popular online backup services, assuming you prepay for the designated time frame.

Note: Please let me know if you catch a price change before me and I'll update the table.

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Unlimited Online Backup Price Comparison

Unlimited Backup Plan4 Years3 Years2 Years1 YearM2M
Backblaze1 $3.96$4.17$5.00
Pro Suite5$20.00$25.00
OpenDrivePersonal Unlimited6$8.25$9.95
Business Unlimited7$24.92$29.95

Note: All prices are in USD and calculated per month and for a single computer. M2M means month-to-month. The → and ← mean that the listed unlimited online backup plan is not offered in the term length listed. Just follow the arrow to see the equivalent price for that length of time.

[1] Backblaze total costs are as follows: $95 for 2 years ($3.96x24) or $50 for 1 year ($4.17x12).

[2] Carbonite Basic costs $151.18 for 3 years ($4.20x36), $115.18 for 2 years ($4.80x24), or $71.99 per year ($6.00x12).

[3] Carbonite Plus costs $235.18 for 3 years ($6.53x36), $179.18 for 2 years ($7.47x24), or $111.99 per year ($9.34x12), and offers both external hard drive and mirror image backup support in addition to the features available in Carbonite Basic.

[4] Carbonite Prime $314.98 for 3 years ($8.75x36), $239.98 for 2 years ($10.00x24), or $149.99 per year ($12.50x12), and offers courier recovery service in addition to the features available in Carbonite Plus.

[5] Livedrive's Backup plan has a 1 year cost of $84.00 ($7.00x12). The Livedrive Pro Suite plan cost for 1 year is $240.00 ($20.00X12).

[6] OpenDrive Personal Unlimited costs $99 per year ($8.25x12).

[7] OpenDrive Business Unlimited is $299 per year ($24.92x12).