Price Comparison: Multi-Computer Online Backup Plans

Which Online Backup Service With Multiple Computer Support Is Cheapest?

In most cases, an online backup service plan supports backing up from a single computer per account. However, some plans offer support for simultaneous backup from more than one of your computers and other devices.

These kinds of plans could save you lots of money over purchasing a separate account for each computer that you want to backup but be sure that's the case before signing up for one of these plans simply because multi-computer support is included in the price.

Below are monthly calculated prices for multi-computer online backup plans, assuming you prepay for the designated time frame:

Note: Please let me know if any of these prices have changed and I'll update the table. See my Online Backup FAQ if you have any questions.

Multi-Computer Online Backup Price Comparison

Backup ServiceComputersStorage3 Y2 Y1 YM2M
ADrive Personal Premium (250 GB)1Unlimited250 GB$4.17$4.69$5.21$6.25
ADrive Personal Premium (500 GB)1Unlimited500 GB$8.33$9.38$12.50$12.50
ADrive Personal Premium (1 TB)1Unlimited1024 GB$16.67$18.75$20.83$25.00
IDrive BasicUnlimited5 GBFreeFreeFreeFree
IDrive Personal (2 TB)2Unlimited2000 GB$5.80
IDrive Personal (5 TB)2Unlimited5000 GB$8.29
MiMedia (Free)Unlimited10 GBFreeFreeFreeFree
MiMedia (Basic 500 GB)3Unlimited500 GB$7.08$7.99
MiMedia (Plus 1 TB)3Unlimited1024 GB$8.33$9.99
MiMedia (Premium 2 TB)3Unlimited2048 GB$13.33$15.99
SafeSync (100 GB)4Unlimited100 GB$12.50
SOS Personal (50 GB)5Up to 550 GB$3.75$4.99
SOS Personal (100 GB)5Up to 5100 GB$6.25$7.99
SpiderOak (ONE150 GB)6Unlimited150 GB$4.92$5.00
SpiderOak (ONE 400 GB)6Unlimited400 GB$8.25$9.00
SpiderOak (ONE 2000 GB)6Unlimited2000 GB$10.75$12.00
SpiderOak (ONE 5000 GB)6Unlimited5000 GB$23.25$25.00
SugarSync (100 GB)7Unlimited100 GB$7.49
SugarSync (250 GB)7Unlimited250 GB$9.99
SugarSync (500 GB)7Unlimited500 GB$18.95
Livedrive (Pro Suite)8Up to 55000 GB$20.00$25.00
Norton Online Backup9Up to 525 GB$4.17
ElephantDrive (Personal 250)10Up to 3250 GB$16.76$19.95
ElephantDrive (Personal 500)10Up to 3500 GB$33.56$39.95
ElephantDrive (Personal 750)10Up to 3750 GB$50.36$59.95
Mozy (MozyHome)11Up to 3125 GB$8.74$9.16$9.99
Zoolz (Family)Up to 51 TB$69.99
Zoolz (Heavy)Up to 54 TB$249.99

Note: All prices are in USD and calculated per month, rounded to the nearest cent. M2M means month-to-month. The → or ← means that the listed online backup service does not offer a multi-computer backup plan in the term length listed so follow the arrow to see the equivalent monthly price for that length of time.

[1] ADrive Personal Premium 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB plan totals can be found on their sign-up page here. ADrive also offers plans smaller than 250 GB and greater than 1 TB.

[2] IDrive Personal 2000 GB and 5000 GB yearly plan costs are $69.50 ($5.80X12) and $99.50 ($8.29X12), respectively.

[3] MiMedia 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB yearly plan costs are $84.96 ($7.08x12), $99.96 ($8.33x12), and $160.00 ($13.33x12) respectively.

[4] SafeSync 100GB one year prepaid rate is $149.95 ($12.50x12). SafeSync also has plans smaller than 100 GB.

[5] SOS Personal rates are: $44.99 for 1 year ($3.75x12), or $79.99 for 1 year ($6.25x12). They also offer 150 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 5 TB, and 10 TB plans.

[6] SpiderOakONE's rates are 150 GB at $59 /year ($4.92x12), 400 GB at $99 /year ($8.25 /month), 2,000 GB at $129 /year ($10.75x12), and 5,000 GB at $279 /year ($23.25x12).

[7] SugarSync's rates are: 100 GB at $74.99 for 1 year ($6.25x12), 250 GB at $99.99 /year ($8.33x12), and 500 GB at $249.99 /year ($20.83x12).

[8] Livedrive Pro Suite rates are $240.00 ($20.00x12) for the 1 year plan.

[9] Norton Online Backup costs $49.99 ($4.17x12) for 1 year of service.

[10] ElephantDrive Personal 250 GB, 500 GB, and 750 GB yearly plan costs are $201.10 ($16.76x12), $402.70 ($33.56x12), and $604.30 ($50.36x12), respectively. ElephantDrive also has plans smaller than 250 GB and larger than 750 GB.

[11] MozyHome rates are $109.89 ($9.16x12) for the 1 year plan and $209.79 ($8.74x24) for the 2 year plan.