How to Prevent Someone From Exiting an iPad App Using Guided Access

Did you know you can "lock" an iPad app, which keeps the user from leaving the app? This is a great feature for kids or those with special needs who may otherwise accidentally exit an app. The Guided Access feature is located in the accessibility settings of the iPad.

Turn on Guided Access

  1. Launch the Settings app, which looks like gears grinding. Inside of Settings, scroll down the left-side menu until you locate General.
  2. When you tap General, the General settings will appear in the right-side window. The Accessibility settings are located about halfway down the page when held in landscape mode or near the bottom in portrait mode.
  3. When you tap the Accessibility link, the full range of accessibility settings will be displayed. Guided Access is near the bottom of the Accessibility settings, so you will need to scroll down the page to locate it.
  4. When you tap the Guided Access link, you will have the opportunity to turn on Guided Access by tapping the slider button at the top-right of the screen. Moving this slider to green enables Guided Access; you have to specifically activate it within an app, so it isn't "on" until you turn it on.
  5. You may want to set a Passcode using the Set Passcode button. This is a four-digit number you will input when you want to deactivate Guided Access for an app.

Guided Access

Now that you have enabled Guided Access, you can activate it within any app by triple-clicking the home button. The home button is the circular button on the iPad's display. When you activate Guided Access, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to mark out any portion of the screen you want to disable. This is great if you want to disable the settings button or any other button on the app. You can also disable motion or even touch within this initial screen. Once you have the options enabled, you start Guided Access by clicking the Start button at the top-right of the screen.

Similar to activating it, you can disable Guided Access by triple-clicking the home button. When you do this, you are first asked for the passcode. When you input the passcode, you are taken to that initial screen where you can modify the settings or simple resume use with Guided Access disabled.

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