Preventing Background Image Repeating in Windows Mail

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Beverkd / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

It's easy to insert an image as the background of an email you write in Windows Mail and Outlook Express, and if the default behavior of the image being repeated to the right and down is fine with you, this is also all you need.

But what if you want your background image not to show again somewhere in the right column or at the bottom? Fortunately, you can make the background image repeat only to the right, only downwards, or not at all if you tweak the source of your message a bit.

Prevent Background Image Repeating in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To prevent a background picture you have added to a message in Windows Mail or Outlook Express from repeating:

  • Create a message in Windows Mail or Outlook Express and insert a background image.
  • Go to the Source tab.
  • Locate the "<BODY>" tag.
  • Insert 'style="background-repeat:no-repeat;"' (not including the outer quotation marks) after "<BODY " to prevent the image from repeating.
    • To make the image repeat downwards, insert 'style="background-repeat:repeat-y"'.
    • For the background image to repeat to the right, insert 'style="background-repeat:repeat-x"'.
  • Go back to the Edit tab.


If the <body> tag is '<BODY bgColor=#ffffff background="C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery\background.jpg">', it should be something like '<BODY style="background-repeat:no-repeat" bgColor=#ffffff background="C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery\background.jpg">' after the editing.