Prevent a Background Image From Repeating in Windows Mail

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Inserting an image into the background of an email you write in Windows Mail is easy. If the default behavior—the image is repeated to the right and down—is fine with you, you need not do anything further to adjust your image. Simply write your email and send it.

If you prefer your background image to appear only once, however, you'll have to tweak the source code of your message a bit.

Setting a Background Image to Appear Only Once

To prevent a background picture you have added to a Windows Mail message from repeating:

  1. Create a message in Windows Mail and insert a background image.
  2. Go to the Source tab. You'll then see the source coding that's behind your message. This is the unformatted text of your message and the instructions to email programs for displaying it properly. In the next steps, you'll tweak those instructions a bit.
  3. Locate the
  • Insert
  • to prevent the image from repeating.
  • Go back to the Edit tab. Complete your email message, and send it.


    Say you've added the desired background image to your email. In the source code, the 

    tag now contains the location of the background image you're using, so it will look something like this:
    ​Left as is, the image will repeat as many times as possible both horizontally and vertically. To make this image to appear only once (i.e., not repeat at all), add the style parameter above just after the 

    Making an Image Repeat Vertically or Horizontally

    You also can make an image repeat across or downward (as opposed to both, which is the default). Simply insert 

     for a vertical repeat (denoted by the y),
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