How to Prevent Pop-Ups in AOL or AIM Mail

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It's interesting how we are getting rid of windows in Windows.

Maybe it was that opening a new tab was faster than opening a new window in one or the other browser. Or it was the novelty. Either way, we opened our first few tabs — reluctantly perhaps, and got used to them.

Now that you've grown to mistrust windows (and pop-up windows in particular), they're no more welcome in AIM Mail and AOL Mail than anywhere else, of course. Fortunately, you can tell AIM Mail to stop creating new windows for email messages.

Prevent AIM Mail or AOL Mail from Opening Messages in Pop-Up Windows

To stop AIM Mail and AOL Mail from opening a new pop-up window when you open an email or start composing:

  • Follow the Settings link near the top in AIM Mail or AOL Mail.
  • Go to the General category.
  • Make sure Always read mail in a new window and Always write mail in a new window are not checked under Pop-up Windows.
  • Click Save.

You can always pop out any message you read or compose by following its New Window link.