Keep Photoshop From Snapping to a Document Edge

Photoshop Snap To Document Bounds

S. Chastain

Adobe Photoshop provides grids and guides to assist designers in laying out their documents. The grids and guides can be turned on and off at the whim of the designer. So can the Snap To feature that causes items to snap to the grid, guide or document edge—a feature Photoshop intended to aid the designer, but which some users find annoying. You can disable snapping for all or only some options. 

Disable Snapping 

Disable all snapping by selecting View in the menu bar and removing the check mark in front of Snap. Disable the snapping behavior of only some options by selecting View in the menu bar followed by Snap to. Then, click Guides, Grid or Document Bounds (or one of the other choices) to remove the check mark next to the item you want to disable. If you remove the check mark from Document Bounds, Photoshop no longer tries to help you out by snapping an element to the edge of your document.

Enable Snapping for Only One Option

If you prefer to enable snapping for only one option, first make sure the Snap command at View > Snap is disabled. Then, go to View > Snap To and choose the one option you want. This enables the snapping for only the selected option and deselects all the other Snap To options.

Disable Snapping in Photoshop Elements

You can disable snapping in Photoshop Elements by selecting View > Snap to and then choosing guides, grid, document bounds or layer. When snap to grid is selected in Photoshop Elements, the software assumes you want to snap to the document bounds as well.

Temporarily Disable Snapping

To temporarily disable the snap to behavior while using the Move tool, hold down the Ctrl key in Windows or the Command key in MacOS as you work near the edge of a document.