Preventing OS X Mail From Spam Filtering Known Senders Mail

Simple and unobtrusive yet powerful and precise, the junk mail filter built into Mac OS X Mail is a truly helpful companion. It is not, however, immune from misjudgment.

To make work a bit easier for the filter and to make sure the good mail from the good senders you know does go to the Inbox unhampered, you can tell Mac OS X Mail who you know and never to treat these sender's mail as spam.

Prevent Mac OS X Mail From Filtering Known Senders' Mail as Spam

To make sure Mac OS X Mail does not filtering as spam messages from known sender:

  • Select Mail | Preferences... from the menu in Mac OS X Mail.
  • Go to the Junk Mail category.
  • Make sure Sender of message is my Contacts (or Sender of message is in my Address Book) is checked under The following types of messages are exempt from junk mail filtering:.
  • Optionally, check Sender of message is in my Previous Recipients as well.
  • Close the preferences window.
  • Add any known sender to your Mac OS X Address Book.

(Updated August 2012)