Prevent Outlook from Displaying Duplicate Gmail Tasks

How to use filters to avoid duplicate Gmail tasks in Outlook

A hand holding a highlighter checking off items on a task list.

 Tero Vesalainen/Pixabay

Tracking tasks can be daunting. But with both Outlook and Gmail, keeping up with tasks can be simple and easy. Unless you combine the two, thus doubling your tasks. How can you avoid duplicating tasks? Follow the steps below:

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010.

Make sure the To-Do Bar is visible in Outlook

You'll first need to make sure that the To-Do Bar is enabled in Outlook before fixing the duplicate tasks.

  1. Select View > To-Do Bar > Tasks.

    Viewing options in the To-do bar in Outlook.
  2. In the newly opened Tasks, select Arrange by > View Settings.

    Selecting the Arrange by options in Outlook.
  3. Select Filter from the Advanced View Settings: To-Do List.

    Viewing the advanced view settings in Outlook.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.

    Viewing advanced options in Filters in Outlook.
  5. Under Define more criteria, select the Field > All Mail fields > In Folder.

    Choosing which field to filter in Outlook.
  6. In the Value field, enter All Mail then select Add to List.

    Adding a value before adding to the list in Outlook.
  7. Your new Filter should appear in the Find items that match these criteria section. Select OK.

    The finished filter in Outlook.
  8. Select OK again.

You should notice a considerable change in your Tasks list.

Filtered results in Tasks in Outlook.