Virgin Mobile Data Roaming Policy

Limited free roaming minutes are included in all plans

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Virgin Mobile offers two types of plans for its customers: Inner Circle and Data Love. The Inner Circle is not a prepaid plan, although Inner Circle members are required to use AutoPay. Data Love, Data Love +, and Data Love Unlimited are prepaid plans. All have roaming capability and seamless access. While prepaid wireless carrier Virgin Mobile excels in its pay-as-you-go pricing and hip marketing to a younger demographic, wireless roaming has not been its strong suit in the past. However, the situation has vastly improved from the time when the service offered no roaming connections at all.

Virgin Mobile Roaming Policies

Virgin Mobile has a network that covers 290 million people nationwide. In addition, it has roaming partners to expand its coverage even further. Both the Inner Circle and Data Love plans include free roaming. No action is required to take advantage of the service.

  • Data Love Roaming Policy: Virgin Mobile's Data Love prepaid customers receive 50 domestic voice roaming minutes each month. However, domestic text (SMS) roaming and data roaming are not included in the plan. 
  • Inner Circle Roaming Policy: Inner Circle members receive 800 domestic voice roaming minutes and 100MB of data roaming. The Inner Circle plan is iPhone-only.

What Is Roaming?

Whenever you and your device leave the areas where Virgin Mobile offers service, you are roaming. You may not notice because your phone makes contact with the network of another company that partners with Virgin Mobile to keep its coverage area large. In the past, cellular providers charged extra for roaming minutes. Virgin Mobile does not charge extra for roaming, but it does place a limit on how much a customer can roam. The company warns that your service may slow down dramatically while you are outside the Virgin Mobile network.