Premiere Pro Gains Apple M1 Support

Adobe continues to modernize its products for the new Macs

Following a seven-month beta, Adobe on Tuesday announced that Premiere Pro now supports M1 Macs, and has added some new features.

The M1 is Apple’s newest processor. It has a 8-core CPU made up of four high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores that give newer Macs a considerable speed boost.

The first of the M1 Macs launched in November, and although the new Macs were able to run Adobe apps, those programs were not able to take full advantage of the new processor. Adobe has been quick to update its apps to fully utilize this speed.

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According to a post on Adobe’s official blog, the new iteration of Premiere Pro runs nearly 80% faster than on Macs with Intel processors, and can run CPU-demanding formats—like 4K video from an iPhone—smoothly on the app’s timeline.

Among the new features, the one that stands out the most is the new Speech-to-Text feature that can quickly generate video captions. Beta testers have noted the "impressive accuracy" of the feature’s text and according to a Pfeiffer Report, Speech-to-Text led to a 187% increase in productivity. Captions can be easily edited with the Essential Graphics panel.

Adobe’s public beta continues to test new features. Currently, a new Import and Export workflow for Premiere Pro is in beta and the company is preparing its other products for M1 support.

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After Effects is also undergoing a public beta with the M1 processor to gain faster exporting, previews, and effects. Character Animator is slated to get two new features: Body Tracker and Puppet Maker in addition to better performance.

However, Adobe has yet to say when these new updates will roll out for M1 Mac users.

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