What Is a PPSX File?

How to use PowerPoint Slide Show files

A file with the PPSX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show file. It serves as an update to PPS, a format used for the same purpose in MS Office versions 2007 and earlier.

These files open directly to the presentation because they're meant to be used just for presenting the slideshow. PowerPoint files that open directly into the editing mode are saved with the PPTX extension.

PPSX files use XML and ZIP to organize and compress the different parts of the file, just like Microsoft's DOCX and XLSX file formats.

Several PPSX files in Windows 10 that open with Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to Open a PPSX File

Microsoft's free PowerPoint Viewer can open one if you just need to view the presentation and not do any editing. Of course, PowerPoint works, too, for both viewing and editing it, as does Microsoft's free online PowerPoint tool.

If you're using a version of PowerPoint older than 2010, you can open the PPSX file only if the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is installed.

Since the file opens in presentation mode instead of to the screen meant for editing, you can't just double-click or double-tap the file to edit it with PowerPoint. Instead, you have to open the program first and then use the File menu to browse for the file. Then, you can edit it just like you can PPTX files or any other PowerPoint file.

The free WPS Office Presentation and LibreOffice Impress can open PPSX files, too. OpenOffice Impress supports the format as well but you may need to open the program first, and then choose the "Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML" option when looking for the file.

Although it isn't free (but there is a trial option), Ability Office is another program that supports this format.

How to Convert a PPSX File

Using one of the free viewers or editors from above lets you convert a PPSX to PPTX, PDF, SWF, GIF, and many other formats. Some of these formats may only be seen from an Export menu, not the regular Save As menu.

For example, PowerPoint can export a PPSX file to MP4 or WMV through the File > Export > Create a Video menu.

A free file converter is another way you can convert the file to a new format. These are useful if you don't have any of the programs mentioned above. Zamzar, DocsPal, and CoolUtils.com are all online converters that can save the file to formats like PPT, DOCX, PNG, and JPG.

Since the two formats are so similar, it may be as easy as changing the file extension from .PPSX to .PPTX to treat the file as a PPTX file. However, since changing the file extension doesn't actually convert the file, some programs may not recognize it as a valid presentation file.

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