Use This PowerPoint Template for a Multiple Choice Quiz

Create Multiple Choice Quizzes for the Classroom Just for Fun

Drag invisible hyperlink out of the way on the multiple choice quiz template
Drag invisible hyperlink out of the way on the multiple choice quiz template. © Wendy Russell

No more mundane quizzes for your class. Add a little something extra to your multiple choice quizzes by using an interactive PowerPoint presentation template.

This multiple choice quiz template format can be adapted to become a true/false scenario very easily.

The method of creating this multiple choice quiz template is by using invisible hyperlinks (also called invisible buttons or hotspots). The invisible hyperlinks are placed over the various answers on the PowerPoint slide. When an answer is selected, the slide changes to show whether the answer was correct or incorrect.

Download the PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz Template file to use in this tutorial.

Get a walkthrough versions with template screen shots.

  1. Save a second copy of the template file so that you always have an original.

  2. Open the copy of the multiple choice quiz template.

  3. Change the title of the first slide to reflect your own question for this multiple choice quiz.

  4. Click on top of one of the current answers in the multiple choice answer portion of the slide . You will see that selection handles appear, indicating that there is a graphic present, although it is currently invisible. This is the invisible hyperlink mentioned earlier.

  5. Drag this invisible hyperlink box out of the way, but keep it close by so that you can retrieve it later.

  6. Replace the answer on the multiple choice portion of the slide with an answer of your own.

    Make your answers correct, or incorrect like they were on the original slide -- that is -- if answer A is false on the original slide, replace the answer with another false answer. The reason is that this spot is already linked to the slide that says the answer is false. Likewise for a correct answer.

  7. Once you have entered your answer, drag the invisible hyperlink back over top of your new answer. If necessary, stretch it to the right using the selection handles, if your answer is larger than the original answer in the template.

  8. Continue this process for all 4 answers shown on the slide.

  9. Repeat this whole process for each multiple choice question slide, changing the questions and answers.

Adding More Multiple Choice Quiz Question Slides

  1. Copy one of the question slides.

    To copy a slide, right click on the miniature version of the slide shown in the Outline / Slides pane on the left of your screen, and choose Copy from the shortcut menu.

    Place the tip of your mouse pointer under the last miniature slide. Right click and choose Paste from the shortcut menu. You may paste the same slide multiple times, to reach the number of slides that you need.

  2. Change the slide questions and answers, repeating the process above.

Copy "Correct" and "Incorrect" Slides

For each multiple choice question slide, there must be two corresponding answer slides. One is for the correct answer and one is for the incorrect answer.

  1. Copy one of the "Incorrect" answer slides. Paste a copy of this slide after each multiple choice quiz question slide.

  2. Copy one of the "Correct" answer slides. Paste a copy of this slide after each "Incorrect" answer slide.

It is important to place the "Incorrect" answer slide before the "Correct" answer slide. The slide show is designed so that after a correct answer slide is shown, a new question slide appears.

Link the Answers to the Corresponding Slides

When all your slides are complete, you need to return to each multiple choice quiz question slide to link the answers to the correct slide.

If you go on to create your own PowerPoint template quizzes from scratch, you would most likely link the answers at the time you create the invisible hyperlinks. However, since the links are already created in this template, you will do the linking after all the new slides are created.

  1. Now that you have a "Correct" and "Incorrect" answer slide in place after each multiple choice quiz question, you need to link the invisible hyperlinks on each question slide to the correct answer slide.

  2. To do this, right click on one of the invisible hyperlinks, and choose Action Settings.

  3. In the Hyperlink drop down list, choose Slide... and locate the correct answer slide that follows the current question slide.

  4. Click on OK and that multiple choice quiz answer will be linked to the appropriate "Correct" or "Incorrect" slide.

  5. Repeat this process for each question slide.

Test the Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Choose View > Slide Show from the menu or use the PowerPoint  keyboard shortcut by pressing the F5 key.

  2. Click through all the questions and answers to make sure everything works.