PowerPoint Master Slide

Change the master slide to change each slide based on the master

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The Master Slide is the design template or design theme used for the slides within your presentation. There are three different master slides—notes master, handout master, and the most common, the slide master. All are located under View > Master.

The default design template when you first start a PowerPoint presentation is a plain, white slide. This plain, white slide and the font choices for the text placeholders used on it were created as a slide master. All slides in a presentation are created using the fonts, colors, and graphics in the slide master. Each new slide that you create takes on these aspects.

Many colorful, preset design templates are included with PowerPoint to make your presentations more interesting. To make global changes to your slides, edit the master slide rather than each individual slide.

The beauty of using a slide master is that if you need a to make a change to all the slides based on that master, you only have to do it once.

About the Slide Master View

From the slide master view, View > Master > Slide Master, you can quickly edit the slides and slide layouts in your PowerPoint presentation. An edit to the slide master affects every slide in the presentation. Here are some of the most common uses of using the slide master view to edit the master slide:

  • Change the text formatting. Change the color of the text on every slide instead of on one slide at a time.
  • Rearrange placeholder text. Change the positioning of placeholder text on the slides.
  • Modify the slide background. Change the background graphics or add a logo or watermark.

Note: Some presentation changes such as customizing a theme font or color are better made in the Design tab.