Powerful Netflix Hacks to Improve Your Streaming Experience

Cool Tools That Help Save You Time and Energy So You Can Watch What You Love

So maybe you've used a few common Netflix hacks already to help you get the most out of your favorite streaming platform, like answering the personalization questions (found at the top of your homepage) to get better suggestions–or using a VPN to get access to cool shows and movies that are only available in other countries.

There are a lot of great little tools out there nowadays that can help take your TV series binge or movie night to the next level, but a lot of these lesser-known internet gems aren't quite as easy to come by. If you're serious about spending more time watching stuff you actually love and less time trying to find and decide whether a show or movie looks good, you'll want to to take advantage of some of these hacks and the tools that make them possible.

Have a look through some of the best things you can do with Netflix in the list below.

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Get movie trailers and ratings from IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes right in Netflix.

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You know what's annoying? Having to go and research a ton of other entertainment sites in order to dig deeper into a movie or a TV show. If you agree, and you use Netflix from a desktop computer, you're going to want to install the Netflix Enhancer extension for Chrome.

When you hover your mouse over a show or movie to see its information on Netflix while using the extension, you'll also be able to see ratings from popular entertainment sites (Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb) plus links to watch any available movie trailers. If you click on a rating, it will open the Rotten Tomatoes/IMDb page for the corresponding show or move you're checking out.

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Customize your entire Netflix experience with 22 different tweaks.

If you liked the idea of Netflix Enhancer, then you'll absolutely love the Flix Plus Chrome extension. This one gives you 22 different options that you can use to customize your Netflix experience in ways you never imagined.

Use it to make navigation simpler, hide spoiler images and text, add custom keyboard shortcuts and type notes in your "My List" page for titles you've added. It also shows ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, among several other features it brings to the table. In other words, this one is a pretty big step up from the Netflix Enhancer extension if you really think you could use a ton of customizable options.

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See which shows and movies were most popular over the last 24 hours.

When it comes to Netflix, there's a lot to choose from, and you know what? Ain't nobody got time to browse for 15 minutes or longer just to find something worth watching!

Instant Watcher is plugged right into the Netflix database (and also the Amazon Prime database) so that it easily and efficiently shows you exactly what's currently hot in a simple two-column list. Hover your mouse over any title to get a little digest for a glimpse of its ratings and summary.

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Easily browse through just one very specific genre.

You can rate and rate and rate everything you watch on Netflix to get better suggestions, but sometimes, you're far better off checking out what a very particular genre has to offer if you know one you're interested in looking at. Whether that may be Asian action movies, quirky romance films, foreign thrillers or something else, it's completely up to you.

To do this, open up your web browser on a computer or device and paste this into the URL field:


Replace INSERTNUMBER with the code for the corresponding genre you want to browse. There are literally tens of thousands of them, and What's on Netflix has the giant list of codes for every genre, which is why it's three pages long.

An even easier solution: Go to NetflixSecretCodes.me, search for the genre you want and click on its code in the right column.

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Get the Chrome extension that puts all the extended genres in Netflix.

Okay, you have to admit that the previous Netflix hack is pretty amazing, and it's a little bit ridiculous that Netflix doesn't have this incorporated into its platform already. But anyway, if you really love the idea of zeroing right in on a very specific genre, then the Super Browse Chrome extension is exactly what you need.

This extension adds a "Super Browse" menu option to give you access to an easy and browsable list of all the extended genres. Just hover your cursor over this option to start browsing!

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Watch the same thing on Netflix with someone in another location.

In a long-distance relationship and way overdue for a date? Traveling around the world and missing family movie night? Dreaming of getting together with your bae for some Netflix and chill but there's a blizzard outside and the roads are a mess?

You can still do all those things and more with Netflix Party–a Chrome extension that lets you watch something on Netflix simultaneously and remotely with friends, family or that special someone. The extension syncs video playback and even adds a nifty group chat feature too. 

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Browse and watch Netflix titles in TV channel format.

Most hardcore streaming addicts probably couldn't care less about cable TV, but if there is at least one thing that they might admit about missing from it, it probably has to be the old school convenience of channel surfing. OttoPlay is a Chrome extension that brings a neat little channel feature to your screen that looks and feels like real TV programming.

If you've been hesitant to cut your cable cord, this might be the tool to help ween you off of regular cable programming and finally get you to do it. It even works with Hulu and YouTube!

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Subscribe to r/NetflixBestOf on Reddit for news, tips and information.

 r/NetflixBestOf is a Subreddit that's almost 300,000 Redditors strong. And as you might have already guessed, it's one of the best sources for diving deeper into everything Netflix.

Most title suggestions start with which country you have to be in to watch it on Netflix. You'll also see requests and discussion threads from people asking for recommendations and wanting to talk to other people who've watched the same shows or movies that they have.

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Finally make a decision on something to watch.

Choice is both a blessing and a curse. How many hours of your life do you think you've spent simply browsing through all the Netflix suggestions, researching new shows or movies and going around in circles because you just can't decide what you really want to watch?

Netflix Roulette is a simple tool that makes a decision for you. If you want, you can even get a random suggestion according to ratings, the director's name, an actor's name, specific keywords and whether you want a TV show or a movie. If you're indecisive, it's a definite time saver.

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Get these high-tech socks that pause Netflix when you fall asleep.

Umm, what? Yes, you read that right. There are actual Netflix-themed socks designed to monitor your movement and trigger Netflix to pause when you've dozed off so you don't miss anything. 

You can choose your sock design, decide whether you want Netflix to pause/stop/turn itself off and there are even ways to improve the accuracy of their sleep detection. It's a bit crazy, but you have to admit that this is a pretty clever idea that puts a really interesting and futuristic spin on an very common, everyday item you never thought would ever exist.

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