Power up Your Galaxy Phone in Under 2 Hours With These New Chargers

One of them let's you charge a Galaxy S22 Ultra in just one hour

Accessory manufacturer Anker has partnered with Samsung to release new chargers specifically for Galaxy smartphones. 

The newly-launched Anker Ace 312 and Anker Ace 313 chargers bring some nifty features to the table for those steeped in the Samsung smartphone ecosystem. These are quick chargers, and the 313 promises to fully charge a Galaxy S22 Ultra in just one hour, while the 312 completes the same task in around 90 minutes. 

Anker Ace 313


The 313 is more efficient, thus the speed bump, thanks to incorporating GaN (gallium nitride) technology, a newer and faster format compared to silicon-based chargers. 

Both chargers are portable with folding plugs, making them easy to stow away when not in use. They're also around 30 percent smaller than the official chargers that ship with Galaxy smartphones. 

The devices also offer comprehensive safety, thanks to the company's proprietary MultiProtect system that integrates ten protective features, like input and output short-circuit protection, high-voltage protection, temperature control, and more. 

Though optimized for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, these are standard universal phone chargers, so expect decent compatibility with any Android phone and a full range of iOS devices, among other gadgets. 

These chargers are available today in the US, UK, and Germany on Anker, Amazon, and various online retailers. The Anker 312 sets you back $15, and the Anker 313 costs $30. The company says more Samsung-adjacent chargers are coming soon, though it did not provide specific details. 

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