What Is a POTX File?

How to open, edit, and convert POTX files

A file with the POTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Template file used to maintain the same layout, text, styles, and formatting across multiple PPTX files.

Like Microsoft's other Open XML files (e.g., PPTM, DOCX, XLSX), the POTX format uses a combination of XML and ZIP to structure and compress its data.

POTX files in Windows 10

Prior to Microsoft Office 2007, PowerPoint used the POT file format to create similar PPT files.

How to Open a POTX File

POTX files can be opened and edited with Microsoft PowerPoint, Planamesa NeoOffice for macOS, and with the free OpenOffice Impress and SoftMaker FreeOffice.

If you're using a version of PowerPoint older than 2007, you can still open the newer POTX file format as long as you have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed.

Another way to open a POTX file without PowerPoint is with Microsoft's free online version of PowerPoint. If you're interested in just viewing a POTX file, you can do so with Microsoft's free PowerPoint Viewer.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the POTX file but it's the wrong application or you'd rather have another installed program open POTX files, learn how to change which program opens POTX files by default.

How to Convert a POTX File

There are two main ways to convert a POTX file to a different file format like PPTX, PPT, OPT, PDF, ODP, SXI, or SDA.

Assuming that one of the above programs that support POTX files is already installed, or you're using the online version of PowerPoint, the easiest solution is to open it there and then save it to a new format.

Another way to convert a POTX file is a free file converter. Our favorite way to do this is with FileZigZag because you don't have to download anything; just upload the POTX file to the website and choose a format to convert it to.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file won't open with the presentation software mentioned above, then there's a really good chance that you're misreading the file extension. This can happen rather easily since so many file extensions look similar.

For example, OTX looks almost identical to POTX and could even appear at first glance to be related to PowerPoint in some way. In reality, OTX files are used with a program called theWord. OXT is another one that isn't related to PowerPoint.

PTX files are similar. If you follow that link you can see that there are several formats that use that file extension, and none of them are even remotely related to PowerPoint.

If you don't have a POTX file, research the file extension you see at the end of the filename to learn more about the format and what program you need to have on your computer or other device in order to open/edit/convert it.

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