Mobile Printshop: A Review of Postal Pix

PostalPix prints from a gallery charity event held by Grryo.
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I get many questions about mobile photography when I teach at Seattle Central College or when I’m doing presentations for conferences and such.  One of the questions that I always get will be,

“How do I print quality prints from my smart phone?”

There are a few methods in printing but none are as easy as using an app.  After all, the idea behind these little handheld computers that make phone calls and amazing images, is convenience.

Since 2011, I have been using PostalPix.  The international mobile photography collective, of which I am a part, Grryo (formerly We Are Juxt), has held over 15 mobile photography exhibitions worldwide. In order to be proud of our work, push the artistic merit of mobile photography, we wanted to prove that you can print to a large size and have it wall ready.  With PostalPix, you can print directly off your phone or your Instagram account and have it shipped right to your doorstep.

I contacted one of PostalPix’s founders, Michael Sarlitt for their assistance.  Before I get into the prints, let me just tell you why else you should use PostalPix.  They are hands on with the customer.  Michael was so stoked about our exhibition and the possibilities of partnership, he flew up to Seattle for the opening of one of our exhibitions.  Because mobile photography is a lot about the “online, social world” it was really great to meet face to face and to see the passion in a founder’s eyes.

Now to the prints and the print quality. 

From our first print job to our latest print job, we’ve only gone to PostalPix.  The reason is they have great customer service, amazing quality of printing, and an awesome line of quality products.  At many of our exhibitions, we no longer get the question of “How do I” we get the question,

“Who does your printing?” 

To that, I always answer PostalPix.

Tell Me Where To Go

It’s time now my friends.  Go download the iOS or Android app. 

Once you’ve gotten the app on your phone, open it up and choose your print option:

  1. Prints 
  2. Aluminum
  3. Mouse Pads
  4. iPhone Cases

(Print and Aluminum Sizes: 4x4, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, 2x2 Grid, 8x8, 8x10)

(Mouse Pad Size: 8x8)

(iPhone Sizes: 4/4s, 5/5s)

After you choose a size, you can then access your Instagram account (make sure to grant access when prompted) and your Camera Roll and created Albums.

Once you choose and finalize the photos you would like to print, you'll return back to the previous screen and your sub-total will be tallied up.  You can then finalize your order by going to your shopping cart. You will then be prompted to open a PostalPix account.  Once you've completed that, you can complete the order and choose your shipping.

Lastly, once you are done, you just sit back and wait until you receive your prints in the amount of time you chose.

Quality of the Prints and the Company

Again I am very happy with the quality of prints that these folks produce.  They are high quality and in my experience, wall ready for exhibition.  I've used PostalPix for over 8 exhibitions worldwide and have yet to run into any major problems.

 The staff and their customer service are very high level and you can expect to be treated well if any problems were to arise. Plus their guarantee is awesome! For inspiration you should check out their DIY page.

Word Up! My Final Word

The important part that mobile photographers have to understand is this: the work that you produce is awesome and amazing.  You have the opportunity to share it to many networks and show your audience just what you as an artist can do as well as what your device can do. 

There is nothing like having your print in your hand.  There is nothing like having your print on your wall.

 The best part of creating is having a product, a tangible product in hand.

PostalPix gives us that. I highly recommend PostalPix and I'm sure you will too.