How to Post a YouTube Video on Pinterest

What to Know

  • Make sure you have the rights to share the video first. If you created it, you have the rights.
  • Open the video, select Share below the video, choose Pinterest, pick your board, and click Save.

Pinning a video from YouTube to one of your Pinterest boards is a great way to offer more comprehensive information on your topic. Here's how to quickly and easily share a YouTube video to Pinterest.

Make Sure You Have the Right to Share the Video

Be sure you have the right to share a video from YouTube to Pinterest. If you've created a YouTube video yourself, you own the rights and are free to share it to Pinterest or any other platform.

To share a video you didn't create, make sure to get permission from its creator, or use a Creative Commons–licensed YouTube video, which is available for posting elsewhere. Here's how to find Creative Commons-licensed videos on YouTube.

Sharing YouTube videos to Pinterest used to be a more complicated process involving embedding code. Luckily, YouTube has made this process effortless and easy.

  1. Open YouTube and search for a topic.

  2. Select the Filter option.

    YouTube Filter option
  3. Under Features, select Creative Commons.

    YouTube Creative Commons Video Filter
  4. You'll now see videos that match your search and that are licensed under Creative Commons. You can freely share them to your Pinterest board.

Share a YouTube Video to Pinterest

  1. Navigate to the YouTube Video you want to share.

    YouTube video to share on Pinterest
  2. Select Share from the options below the video.

    Share option in YouTube

    Select a later start time if you only want to share a snippet of the video.

  3. Select Pinterest from the options listed. You'll be taken to your Pinterest account.

    You may need to log in to Pinterest.

  4. Select the board where you'd like the video to appear, or create a new board.

    sharing YouTube video to Pinterest
  5. Select Save.

  6. The video has been saved to your Pinterest board and is available for followers to see, share, and pin.

    sharing YouTube video to Pinterest
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