How to Post a YouTube Video on Pinterest

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How to Embed a YouTube Video on Pinterest

Youtube Screen Capture
The Share Button.


Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool. You can create visual bookmarks on virtual pinboards. You can "pin" items from websites with images, and it turns out you can pin videos from YouTube as well. The handy part about pinned videos is that you don't even need to leave Pinterest to view the video. 

These instructions used to be a lot more complicated and involved getting the embed code. However, these days you don't need to do anything so complicated. 

Just start with the Share button. 

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How to Embed a YouTube Video on Pinterest

Screen Capture of Pinterest share button on youtube
Share to Pinterest button.


Navigate to the video you want to share on YouTube.

  1. Click on the Share button.
  2. Click on the Pinterest icon.
  3. Optionally, you can select a video start time. 

The video will show up as coming from the URL of, and it will play within Pinterest when you click on it. You can like and re-pin it just like any other pin.

Why You Would Change the Start Time on a YouTube Video

Change the video start time when you have a very long video and you just want to pin a specific part of it. For example, you may have a sewing tutorial that takes an hour, but you're only interested in the section where they discuss welt pockets. Change your start time. 

Now that you know the secrets to videos on Pinterest, feel free to pin YouTube videos to give your boards something special to share. Not only can you read about that new quilting project, but you can also show your friends a video on how to do it.