How to Post Videos on Instagram

Share short or long videos

What to Know

  • Select a video > Next > apply filters and trim video > choose sound option > Next > tap Share.
  • You can delete the post if you want to change something.
  • Bulk delete videos: Tap Your activity > Photos and Videos > Videos. Select videos > Delete.

This article explains how to post videos on Instagram using the mobile app. The article also includes information on how to bulk delete Instagram videos.

How to Post Short or Long Videos to Instagram

Posting videos on Instagram works similarly to posting photos. Follow these steps:

  1. To post a video, either select a video that you've already recorded from your Gallery or tap the Video tab at the bottom of the screen to open the video camera and capture the video you want to use.

    To open the Gallery, tap the + (Add) button.

  2. There are also a few differences in editing the image. Once you've selected or captured the video you want to use, tap Next to open editing.

  3. There you can apply a Filter, just as you would a still image, but you also have the options to Trim the video—use the sliders on either end of the video to shorten it. Or you can add any frame from the video as the Cover for it.

    Screenshots of how to post a video to Instagram.
  4. If you don't like the sound that's on your video, tap the Sound Off icon on the top, center of the page. If you change your mind and decide to keep the sound, tap it again to turn the sound back on.

  5. When you're finished adjusting your video, tap Next to add text, tag people, and add a location to your post.

  6. After you've created your post, tap Share to share it with your followers.

    Screenshots of finalizing a video post to Instagram.

Don't worry if you post something and then change your mind about the settings, caption you wrote, or even the picture you posted. You can always delete the post if you want to change something.

How to Bulk Delete Instagram Videos

If you decide to delete several of your Instagram videos, you can delete them all at once. Here's how:

  1. Select your profile image and tap the three-bar menu icon at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose Your activity > Photos and videos.

    Path from Profile icon to Photos and videos setting in Instagram app
  3. Tap Videos. Choose Select and select the videos you want to delete to apply a check mark.

  4. In the lower-right corner, tap Delete to delete the selected videos. When prompted, confirm the deletion.

    Instagram bulk deletion of videos
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