Pros and Cons of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The differences between Minecraft: PE vs the PC version

You don't need a computer or a game console to play Minecraft thanks to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. That said, the mobile app doesn't include all the features found in the Java version of the game. Here's how Minecraft: PE and the PC edition stack up against each other.

What Is Minecraft: Pocket Edition?

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a build of the game primarily meant for phones and devices of that nature. The Pocket Edition of Minecraft is currently available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire tablets.

The mobile title is practically identical to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, which can be played on any computer or tablet running Windows 10; however, both games differ from the original Java edition of Minecraft, which is often still referred to as the PC version.

Pros of Minecraft PE

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Whether you’re traveling on a bus or sitting in the comfort of your home, Minecraft: Pocket Edition gives you quick access to one of the world’s most popular video games in the palm of your hand.

Minecraft: PE, and the other various platforms of Minecraft, are generally the same when it comes to gameplay. For example, players can participate in Survival mode, Creative mode, and Multiplayer mode. Advantages of Pocket Edition include stronger parental controls and invite-only multiplayer, making the mobile version slightly more child-friendly.

Cons of Minecraft PE

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Pocket Edition differs from the original version in a few ways. While Minecraft: PE offers in-app purchases for exclusive skins and resources. You can't integrate third-party mods, nor can you connect to third-party servers. When new Minecraft features are released, Pocket Edition tends to be the last version updated.

Minecraft: PE users can play with Xbox network and Windows 10 users, but they cannot interact with players using the Java edition of Minecraft. These limitations may not bother most gamers, but they could be deal breakers if you want to play with certain friends.

Minecraft PE vs PC

If you’re looking for a great game to play when you’re bored or need a distraction, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a great gift for yourself or somebody else who needs the same thing in their life. If you enjoy playing Minecraft on PC and the various other platforms it is available on, then you will more than likely enjoy Pocket Edition equally or even more so.

While the gameplay is generally the same in each version, there are some noticeable performance differences. For example, Minecraft: PE and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition have smoother and more vibrant graphics than the traditional PC edition of the game. Even though graphics do not make a game good or bad, this proves that Minecraft: Pocket Edition isn't just a cheap knock-off of the original.

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