Porsche Announces All-Electric Macan SUV and 718 Sports Car

Sets goal of 80 percent EV sales by 2030

Luxury auto manufacturer Porsche is going all-in on the electric vehicle craze in a big way. 

The company just unveiled all-electric versions of their popular Macan compact SUV and 718 sports car, as announced Porsche’s annual meeting and detailed in a press release

Porsche EVs


They didn't release any pricing information but did say the Macan would be available "soon" and that the 718 would launch sometime in 2025. They also noted that the all-electric 718 is drawing inspiration from Porsche's Mission R concept racecar. 

The two forthcoming EVs join the all-electric Porsche Taycan and a spate of hybrid vehicles, but that's only the tip of the electric iceberg for Porsche. They've also set a goal of 80 percent company sales to EVs by 2030. 

To that end, they are getting to work on proprietary batteries, which should start to show up in Porsche releases in 2024. But that's not all. Porsche is also building out their own electric vehicle charging network, similar to Tesla's Supercharger stations. 

These charging stations, described as luxury lounges by company officials, will roll out at the end of the year in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, with China and US integration coming at a later date based on need. 

The forthcoming charging stations are only for Porsche customers, however, unlike Tesla's Supercharger operation, which welcomes any electric vehicle owner.

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