Top 50 Most Popular Yahoo! Mail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

50 Most Popular Yahoo! Mail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

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Accessing Yahoo! Email

Whether you're using a browser or other application to view your Yahoo! Mail, below are some tips on various forms of access.

  1. How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail. Want to use your Yahoo! Mail in Gmail? With a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, here's how to set up Gmail to download new messages and let you send new mail (and replies) using the Yahoo! Mail address.

  2. How to Access a Yahoo! Mail Account in iPhone Mail. Setting up a Yahoo! Mail account to send and receive emails is easy in iPhone (and iPod touch) Mail.

  3. How to Access a Free Yahoo! Mail Account with Outlook. Your Yahoo! Mail account is not made for the web alone. Here's how to download mail from a free Yahoo! Mail address into Outlook—and how to send through Yahoo! Mail, too.

  4. How to Import Your Yahoo! Mail Messages and Contacts Into Gmail. Switching from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail and you want to keep all your mail, folders and contacts? Here's how to import your messages, as well as your address book, from Yahoo! Mail into Gmail and turn folders into labels, too.

  5. How to Check Other Email Accounts with Yahoo! Mail. Get your mail everywhere with Yahoo! Mail.

  6. How to Access Your Yahoo! Mail Account with Your Email Program Using IMAP. Send and receive Yahoo! Mail with Outlook Online or another email program seamlessly using IMAP.

  7. How to Access Your Yahoo! Mail Account via POP in Any Email Program. Want to read mail not (only) in Yahoo! Mail on the web but also in your favored email program without worrying about online folders and synchronization? POP access is easy to set up and allows email clients to fetch mail from the inbox (and, optionally, the Spam folder).

Email Management and Basic Functions

If you need help with the basic functionality of Yahoo! Mail or some time-saving features, this group of tips should help. If you've hit a brick wall with any issues, you can always contact Yahoo! for support issues.

  1. How to Contact Yahoo! Mail Support. If you've found a bug in Yahoo! Mail or have an issue to report, here's how to contact Yahoo! Mail support to get help directly from the source.

  2. How to Create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail. Set up a distribution list in Yahoo! Mail to send emails to several people at the same time.

  3. How to Block a Sender in Yahoo! Mail. Need to block somebody from contacting you in Yahoo! Mail? Here's how to block specific individual users.

  4. How to Set Up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Yahoo! Mail. Have Yahoo! Mail reply to your emails automatically, letting senders know you're not available by generating an automatic reply to incoming mail, informing recipients that you're on vacation.

  5. How to Switch to Yahoo! Mail Basic (Simple HTML Similar to Yahoo! Mail Classic). You can use a simple version of Yahoo! Mail that may be better suited to your browser and disposition and still provide a full email experience. Here's how to switch.

  6. How to Have Yahoo! Mail Add New Contacts to Your Address Book Automatically. Yahoo! Mail can build your email address book: here's how to have Yahoo! Mail add everybody you correspond with to your contacts automatically.

  7. How to Check the Spelling of Your Messages in Yahoo! Mail. Get some funny spelling suggestions for your emails from Yahoo! Mail (and find some silly typing errors, too).

  8. How to Create Folders to Organize Messages in Yahoo! Mail. Keep your archived messages organized neatly in Yahoo! Mail by creating special folders for specific categories of mail.

  9. How to Delete a Folder in Yahoo! Mail. If a folder you have created in Yahoo! Mail becomes useless, it's time to get rid of it. Here's how to delete a Yahoo! Mail folder.

  10. Yahoo! Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits. You can send files with Yahoo! Mail, but not files of any size. Find out what message and attachment size limits bind you in Yahoo! Mail.

  11. How to Print a Message in Yahoo! Mail. See your mail in print, without ads. Here's how to print emails in Yahoo! Mail.

  12. How to Export Your Yahoo! Mail Address Book. Want to keep your contacts when you leave Yahoo! Mail or simply share your Yahoo! Mail address book with another email program? Here's how to save Yahoo! Mail contacts to a CSV file to be imported easily elsewhere.

  13. How to Make Yahoo! Mail Display Messages in a Larger Font. Read your emails more comfortably by having Yahoo! Mail display them in a larger font by default.

  14. How to Empty the Trash in Yahoo! Mail. Make room for new mail in Yahoo! Mail and empty the trash.

  15. How to Search for Messages in Yahoo! Mail. Looking for messages spread in Yahoo! Mail folders? Look here, smart search operators for pinpointing mail included.

  16. How to Select All Messages in a Yahoo! Mail Folder. Need a quick way to select all messages in a folder? Here's how.

  17. How to Add a Sender or Recipient to Your Yahoo! Mail Contacts Fast. Making your address book bigger and better is easy in Yahoo! Mail: here's how to add the sender and recipients of any email to your contacts fast.

  18. How to Set up a Filter in Yahoo! Mail. Have your incoming Yahoo! Mail sorted automatically by using custom message filters.

  19. How to Get Instant Yahoo! Mail Alerts of New Messages. Yahoo! Messenger can announce new messages in your Yahoo! Mail account in a useful way. Here's how to enable that option.

  20. How to Avoid Downloading the Yahoo! Mail Bulk Mail Folder via POP. Download only good Yahoo! Mail to your email client and leave the spam in its place.

  21. How to Select Multiple Messages or a Range in Yahoo! Mail. Want to move a bunch of messages, or report as spam at once? Here's how to select and act on multiple messages in Yahoo! Mail.

Composing Emails

Whether you need to know how to reply to an email, forward one, or just add some smileys, there's bound to be a few tips to help you compose an email easily.

  1. How to Reply to an Email in Yahoo! Mail. You have received an email at your Yahoo! Mail account, and now you want to reply. Here's how to do it easily.

  2. How to Set Up Your Yahoo! Mail Signature. Time to practice your signature. Oh, wait, actually, Yahoo! Mail does that for you.

  3. How to Insert an Image in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature. Do you want to include more than text, fonts, colors, and formatting in your emails? Here's how to place an image or picture inside your Yahoo! Mail signature.

  4. How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Yahoo! Mail. Instead of attaching pictures to your emails, you can grab them right off the web and send them inline, so recipients can easily view them without any hassle.

  5. How to Add Bcc: Recipients to an Email in Yahoo! Mail. Using the Bcc line, you can send an email to multiple recipients in Yahoo! Mail without revealing their addresses.

  6. How to Insert Graphical Smileys in Yahoo! Mail Messages. Do you want to use emoticons in your emails? Learn how to express your emotions graphically with Yahoo! Mail.

Sending Emails

Whether you need to forward an email, use special stationery, or send to a mailing list, there are several tips to make sending emails a breeze.

  1. How to Forward Yahoo! Mail to Another Email Address. You can receive all your Yahoo! Mail messages at another email address. Here's how.

  2. How to Send an Attachment with Yahoo! Mail. Send files with your messages easily in Yahoo! Mail.

  3. How to Send Emails Using Rich Formatting with Yahoo! Mail. Change fonts, colors, and more of your Yahoo! Mail messages with its rich text message editor.

  4. How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Yahoo! Mail. Send or forward a message to a bunch of people without revealing the email addresses of your contacts. Here's how to send mail to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail.

  5. How to Send an Email Using Stationery in Yahoo! Mail. Enrich your emails with elegant stationery to go with your correspondence: here's how to apply emails styles when composing in Yahoo! Mail.

  6. How to Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List. Distribute a message to multiple recipients easily in Yahoo! Mail by using the mailing list you've set up.

  7. How to Send a Web Page Link with Yahoo! Mail. Found a great web site or an interesting story? Here's how to include a link to it in an email with Yahoo! Mail.

Passwords, Recovery, and Basic Security

Passwords are a crucial part of keeping your email secure. If you need help with yours, recovering a password, or even dealing with other security concerns such as spam, below are a few helpful pointers in making it more secure.

  1. How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! Mail Password. Not all is lost if your Yahoo! Mail password is lost. Here's how to recover it.

  2. How to Deal with On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo! Mail. Want a secure way to log in to Yahoo! Mail that does not require you to remember a password? Find out here how to set up on-demand passwords, how to disable them if you need to, and how to keep your account secure if you lose your phone.

  3. How to Change Your Yahoo! Mail Password. Do you think somebody may have guessed your Yahoo! Mail password? Change it now to help keep your Yahoo! Mail account secure.

  4. How to Protect Your Yahoo! Mail Account with Two-Step Authentication. When Yahoo! Mail encounters a suspicious log-in attempt, it can establish a secondary authentication hurdle after the password is entered: two-step verification request a code received via mobile phone or answering security questions.

  5. Review Your Yahoo! Mail "Spam" Folder Periodically. Make sure that messages filtered by the Yahoo! Mail spam filter are not erroneously marked, causing them to escape your attention.

  6. How to Recover Lost or Deleted Yahoo! Mail Messages. Do you have messages that have inexplicably disappeared from your Yahoo! Mail account? Perhaps you emptied the Trash folder with an important message inside? Here's how to undelete mail and recover lost messages by restoring Yahoo! Mail to a previous state.

  7. How to Filter Spam to the "Spam" or "Bulk" Folder in Yahoo! Mail. Keep your Yahoo! Mail Inbox clean by having the Yahoo! Mail spam filter move (most of) the junk mail to a special folder automatically.