10 Popular Monthly Subscription Boxes You Can Get Online

Sign up for a box of surprise goodies delivered to you every month

The internet has made it easy for all sorts of different companies to launch subscription-based models for their products. A popular trend nowadays is to let customers subscribe for a recurring monthly fee to receive a brand new box of surprise products every 30 days.

Companies get more than a one-time buy per customer while customers get to experience the delight of being surprised by a variety of new products to try every month, so it's a win-win for everybody. Each subscription box provider focuses on a particular market, so all boxes are centered around a specific theme and product range.

Check out the list below to discover some of the most popular monthly subscription boxes you can sign up to get online.

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Birchbox: Beauty cosmetics

Birchbox contents
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The cosmetic industry plays a big role in the business of monthly subscription boxes, and you'll find lots of different ones that you can sign up for, even in tighter niches that focus on things like lip product, men's grooming, feminine hygiene and more. Birchbox is one of the most popular choices around with over 800,000 subscribers for both men's and women's products. If you like the samples you get in your box, you can purchase the full-size versions from them.

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Candy Box: Chocolates & sweets

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Who doesn't love candy? Candy Box lets you sign up to get either a mini box of goodies or a bigger one for a better deal. A variety of new chocolate and candy is imported from all over the world, packaged in a new box to be sent out on the 20th of every month. Shipping is free within the US and Canada, and you can track your box as it makes its way to your door.

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Cairn: Outdoor adventure

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If you're an outdoor enthusiast who takes frequent wilderness trips, then Cairn is the perfect way to discover new products that could help make your adventures more enjoyable. In each monthly box, you'll be able to enjoy products from popular brands like TrailRunner, Backpacker and Gear Junkie. Each box offers products like energy bars, apparel, skin care products, medical necessities, camp accessories and so much more.

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Barkbox: Dogs

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It's no secret that people love their dogs and often treat them like their own children. Barkbox is a subscription box you can get to spoil your dog with new treats every month and try out new products that the both of you could benefit from. The company offers different plans you can choose from for as low as $5 a month per box, and the best part is that a portion of your payment goes to help pups in need.

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Dollar Shave Club: Men's grooming

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There are lots of great subscription box packages tailored specifically men, and Dollar Shave Club is a popular one. The goal of the company is to help men save money on expensive blades, offer three different types of high-quality razors to be included in their monthly box. Customers can easily upgrade or downgrade to the blade they want, and they get a free box for every friend they refer to sign up.

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Bluum: Parents, babies & preschoolers

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Having a baby can be expensive, and with so many toys and baby gear out there to choose from, it can be hard to decide what's best. Bluum makes it easier on parents by providing monthly boxes of products for babies as young as newborns and kids as old as preschoolers. You get everything from storybooks and plush toys for your little one, to baby cosmetics and pacifiers for making parenthood just a bit easier on you.

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KiptNipBox: Cats

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Just like BarkBox, there are a few subscription box alternatives out there that are geared toward cat owners as well. KitNipBox first lets you tell them about your cat so it can recommend a subscription box that's right for you and your kitty. Your KitNipBox will contain all sorts of great pet products for you to try, including treats, toys and more. If you (and your cat) end up loving what you get, you can upgrade your box to receive even more surprises.

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Le Parcel: Feminine hygiene

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The monthly subscription box model fits perfectly with women's cycles, which is why it's quickly grown into a popular trend for women who are short on time to get to the drugstore and pick up supplies every single month. Le Parcel is a service that delivers monthly tampons, liners, pads, chocolate and an extra gift every month. Chocolate is premium, gluten free truffles and each extra gift is a handpicked accessory or cosmetic product.

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Try the World: Gourmet foods from different countries

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If you're a foodie who loves tasting different dishes and flavors from all over the world, then Try the World is the subscription box service you need. Each country has an expert chef who picks out the food products for your box. You get a new box from a different country every two months rather than monthly with this one, each including several artisanal delicacies, cards to describe each product and a culture guide with recipes and information about local traditions. 

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Club W: Wine

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Wine is another one of those unique types of experiences that people really like to enjoy by shaking things up and trying great new varieties. When you sign up for Club W, you'll be asked a few questions about your taste in wine and then get some recommendations for your palette. You get monthly shipments of wine from Club W's curated selection, featuring a new surprise flavor with every bottle.