Most Popular Mac OS X Mail Add-Ons

Use these popular add-ons to extend you mail capabilities in OS X

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Mac OS X mail programs will probably meet all of your basic email needs, but if you need more than basic capabilities, then you should look at OS X Mail add-ons. These add-ons offer advanced labels, simplified interfaces, new message notifications, versatile filters, enhanced security, artful stationery and much more. Below is a quick list of the most popular Mac OS X Mail add-ons here.

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OMiC Winmail.dat Decoding

OMiC makes Mac OS X Mail handle winmail.dat inclusions as if it had invented them, making included files and rich formatting available just like other attachments.

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Mail Attachments Iconizer

Mail Attachments Iconizer makes all attachments show as space and time-saving icons in Mac OS X Mail. Using the context menu, you can still preview the full attachment inline.

Mail Attachments Iconizer can be configured to turn into icons only certain attachment types or files exceeding a certain size.

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Mail2iCal and Mail2iCalToDo

Mail2iCal and Mail2iCalToDo are highly useful AppleScript applications that let you turn any email from Mac OS X Mail into a calendar or to-do list item in iCal. These items include all the essential data (including URLs and attendants) in the item.

Mail2iCal could be a bit more comfortable, though, and possibly offer per-message options.

Download Mail2iCal

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MailTags lets you add tags, keywords, notes and due dates to emails in Mac OS X Mail.

It also integrates those tags with search, rules, smart mailboxes, Calendar, Reminders and project-management software for near-perfect and semi-automatic custom email organization.

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Email Archiver — PDF Archiving Utility

Email Archiver saves messages from Mac OS X Mail as PDF files including all layout, headers, and attachments.

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Mail Act-On

Mail Act-On is a wonderful Mac OS X Mail plug-in that saves you time and makes your mail handling better by allowing you to assign keyboard shortcuts to Mail rule actions (and adds outgoing mail filters to boot).

You can set up shortcuts for labeling, moving or redirecting messages, for example, ​through creating a complex and functional Mail Act-On setup can be a bit complex itself.

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Abee — Contacts Tool

Abee is a fantastic utility to import contacts from CSV files (to which every respectable email program or service exports) into the Mac OS X Mail Address Book with ease and elegance.

You can map fields freely to accommodate your every need and even save your mapping for later.

Download Abee

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equinux Stationery Pack

equinux Stationery Pack makes it easy to add hundreds of gorgeous stationery designs to Mac OS X Mail—and helps you find the perfect template for the occasion, too.

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Mail Unread Menu — New Message Counter

Mail Unread Menu displays the number of unread messages from Mac OS X Mail in the menu bar, next to the clock, instantly, and without any frills.

It's a pity you cannot open individual messages and Mail Unread Menu stutters displaying subject information.

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emlx to mbox Converter

emlx to mbox Converter is as straight forward a tool for exporting Mac OS X Mail messages to the universal mbox format.

It can be a godsend after a disk crash, for example, if you have to recover your mail and Mail refuses to import its own emlx files.

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IMAP-IDLE for adds support for the IMAP IDLE command to Mac OS X Mail, which means new messages come in as soon as they arrive at the server without any manual or periodic mail checking.

MAP-IDLE works fine and unobtrusively, but support for both enabling IDLE for custom folders and disabling certain accounts would be nice. Mac OS X Mail 3 and later does support IMAP-IDLE without the IMAP-IDLE add-on.

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GPGMail — Secure Email Add-On

GPGMail enables Mac OS X Mail to use GnuPG message security. It lets you sign and encrypt, verify and decipher inline and OpenPGP/MIME messages comfortably and flexibly.

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VacuumMail ensures your Mac OS X Mail is always running at top speed by keeping its database organized and slim, even on an automatic schedule.

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Herald adds pretty and functional new mail announcements to Mac OS X Mail that let you read, delete, reply and mark as spam.

You can specify the folders for Herald to watch but not have mail in those folders announced in a special manner.

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Mailboxer picks up the contacts in your Address Book and sets up corresponding smart mailboxes in Mac OS X Mail, each listing all mail exchanged with the person (no matter the email address, if they have more than one).

A few details like custom mailbox names or column layouts could be improved, and a plug-in keeping the smart mailboxes up to date with Address Book changes might be nice.

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MailFollowUp lets you create follow up messages that have all the recipients of the original message and quote the original text easily in Mac OS X Mail.

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Attachment Scanner Plugin for Mail

Attachment Scanner Plugin for Mail alerts you when you talk about a file attachment in a message but failed to attach any file before clicking Send.

Attachment Scanner Plugin can even recognize a number of international languages, though the list of words it looks for cannot be customized.

Download Attachment Scanner Plugin for Mail

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LinkABoo lets you place links to individual Mac OS X Mail messages on the Desktop, in the Dock, or in just about any application including data organizers and calendars.

LinkABoo links work no matter how you get your mail, and you can move messages freely, too.

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MailPriority adds support for message priorities to Mac OS X Mail and lets you request return receipts, too.

Unfortunately, Mail can't respond to such requests, not even with MailPriority.

Download MailPriority

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MsgFiler makes​ moving messages particularly smooth and easy in Mac OS X Mail with a folder selector that finds the right mailbox if you type but a few characters. 

Of course, a bit more automation by filters or machine learning could be nice.

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GrowlMail announces new messages arriving in Mac OS X Mail with all the stylish functionality of Growl.

Once you have managed to install GrowlMail, it is a handy thing to have, though its announcements could still be more to the point.

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MiniMail shrinks Mac OS X Mail to a handy window displaying just one message and useful ways to interact with it.

Ways for MiniMail to announce incoming messages might be nice, and a few details could still be improved.

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QuoteFix has Mac OS X Mail start your reply at the bottom in a proper fashion.

QuoteFix works well and behind the scenes, but more convenient installation and an on/off switch or additional keyboard shortcuts would be nice.

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Ofaco completes words you've previously typed in an email swiftly so you don't have to wade through all matching words in OS X's dictionary. It also lets you insert custom, preset text blocks, too.

Editing custom text blocks could be a bit more polished, and ​Ofaco lacks a simple way to switch to standard word completion.