Poppy 5.9.1 — Free Mail Checker

Poppy Free Mail Checker
Heinz Tschabitscher

Poppy is a tiny and efficient mail checker, and it offers a very useful way of announcing new messages.
Unfortunately, Poppy is no longer available.


  • Poppy offers a great way of announcing new mail
  • Checks DNS blackhole lists for known spammers
  • Poppy is easy to use


  • Poppy supports POP accounts only
  • Same check interval for all accounts
  • Poppy lacks real message filters


  • Poppy checks multiple POP accounts for new mail periodically.
  • Announces new messages via unobtrusive pop-up window, system tray icon or customizable sound.
  • Poppy can launch specified email client or URL, or an arbitrary program, upon new mail.
  • Includes a friends list, and Poppy can notify you only about mail from a friend.
  • Poppy can display a list of the message's sender, subject and size.
  • Poppy also lets you preview the message source and delete messages directly at the server.
  • Using selection rules, you can quickly select mail matching certain criteria in Poppy.
  • Among the criteria is also whether an email was received from a DNS blacklist-known spammer.
  • Poppy supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review: Poppy 5.9.1 — Free Mail Checker

It is not much that Poppy does, but it does it almost perfectly. New mail is announced unobtrusively via a little pop-up window in the lower right corner of the window. Big enough to catch your attention, Poppy's new mail notification usually doesn't interfere with other work on the computer. Using a list of friends, you can have Poppy announce only mail from one of your friends.

Of course, you can preview and delete mail right at the server with Poppy. And, using the "Friends" list again, you can easily select all messages from friends using just a button which performs message selection according to not too flexible, but useful rules. Poppy can even check DNS blackhole lists to mark messages from known spammers automatically.

While the announcement sound can be configured per account in Poppy, the check interval unfortunately cannot. It's also really a pity that Poppy only supports POP accounts.