Popcornflix Review

A look at streaming movies and shows from Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free movie website with a number of films in various genres that you can stream right now without having to log into a user account. There are also free TV shows.

Keep reading to see our review of Popcornflix—for our thoughts on the quality of the videos, the advertisements, the mobile app, and more.

Movies Are Easy to Find

movie genres at Popcornflix

Using the Popcornflix website is really easy. The menu is hidden away at the top of the screen to make more room for finding and watching films, which is certainly nice.

All the different genres can be accessed through this menu, such as Comedy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Family, Old School Cool, Foreign Films, Mystery, Standup Comedy, and Documentaries, among others.

Within each genre, the movies are listed without any sorting options. However, you can instead pick the New Arrivals link to see those movies, regardless of the genre.

To make it even easier to find movies of a specific genre, Popcornflix has another website that has just kids movies, called Popcornflix Kids.

Video Quality Could Be Better

Many of the videos we tested at Popcornflix seemed to be around the same quality as a regular DVD movie. The exact resolution of the films is unknown because you can't change the quality from the video, but they're certainly not high definition.

With that being said, the movies are not hard to watch by any means.

Player Options

Popcornflix free movie Adult Life Skills

Popcornflix has a really unique feature in its video player that lets you make GIFs from the video. You can also add comments that are tied to a specific part of the video so that other people can read what you said throughout the film. You have to create a free account to do those things.

However, unlike similar websites like Crackle, which have subtitle settings, the only other options that are in the Popcornflix video player are volume control, video scrubbing, and a full-screen button.

While the features here are slim, we're happy there's a full-screen button, because while the whole Popcornflix website provides plenty of room to watch a movie, it's still always nice to eliminate all distractions and become more immersed in the video, which is what full-screen mode accomplishes.

Advertisements Are Shown, but They're Short

While watching a few movies at Popcornflix, you might notice a trend with the advertisements. More often than not, a 15–20 second advertisement will display at the very beginning of the movie, with more commercials throughout the video.

The longer the movie is, the more commercials you'll have to watch, which doesn't seem like a terrible deal. To be able to watch tons of movies absolutely free and only have to watch a couple of minutes of advertisements isn't a bad trade-off.

Video Buffering Experience

Some video streaming websites tend to have issues with buffering or loading. Users will sometimes note that videos will begin playing only to stop midway to finish the buffering process.

We didn't experience any issues like this but you might if you have a slower computer or internet connection.

Popcornflix Has Two Easy to Use Apps

Popcornflix has a "regular" free movie app that lets you watch movies found under any genre, which is ideal for adults wanting to use the app. There's also a Popcornflix Kids app but it shows just kid movies. This is nice so that you don't have to worry about mature content being shown to a younger audience.

Both the apps look and function the exact same. It's easy to browse by genre, new arrivals, popular films, and you can even add movies to the queue to gather your favorite ones into one place.

Something else worth mentioning is that you don't need to log in to watch movies. You can just install the app and start watching videos immediately.

Popcornflix: Final Thoughts

With the functional mobile apps, a wide variety of free films, and adequate video quality, Popcornflix is one of the better websites that offer free movies and TV shows.

There are certainly some things Popcornflix could improve upon, such as the quality of the movies and the lack of video player options, but it's still a nice place to visit if you're wanting to avoid paying for videos.

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