YouTube Makes Polls and Subscriber-Only Chats Available to All Streamers

Clips are also open now to gamers with 1000+ followers

YouTube has announced three new highly-requested features to help streamers (and gamers) engage with their audiences.

According to a post on the platform’s support channel, the popular video platform has made polls and subscriber-only chats available to all live-streamers. Shareable clips are also now available to streamers with 1,000 subscribers or more, though the company said it's planning to expand the feature to all streamers in the future.

YouTube Makes Polls and Subscribers-Only Chats Available to All Streamers

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Subscriber-only chats will empower streamers to connect with their audiences in real-time (including streams and Premieres). Streamers who enable the feature on their channel will be able to control and moderate chats by specifying how long viewers must wait after subscribing before they can participate, depending on the specifics of their community.

Streamers can enable the feature from their Live Control Room.

Streamers interested in gauging their audience’s opinions on different topics, or crowdsourcing their next move, now can create live polls while streaming (this one also includes streams or Premieres). 

Streamers beware, though—there are some limitations. According to Google, polls only can be created from a computer (not on mobile), won’t show up in replays, will only last 24 hours, and are limited to a maximum of four options.

YouTube Makes Polls and Subscribers-Only Chats Available to All Streamers

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Finally, gamers will be excited to learn that YouTube is offering them an exclusive new feature, too. Clips will allow viewers to share memorable moments from their favorite gaming creators’ off the platform—enabling gamers to get discovered by new audiences. Once enabled, viewers will be able to click the clips icon and select a five- to 60-second video clip that they can share, directing new viewers back to the gamers’ channel. 

While clips are restricted to gaming creators with 1,000 followers or more, for now, YouTube says it’s planning to open up the feature to all gamers in the future.

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