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10 Political News Aggregator Tools Worth Using

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Political news aggregator sites are useful tools that offer politics news from a wide variety of sources, making it convenient to read them all in one place.

The best political news aggregators curate or select  top news stories in policy and politics and present headlines along with a blurb or lead sentence, telling you the main point of each article. They are must-have tools for political junkies, especially during  intense campaign seasons when political news is fast and furious.

Using an aggregator makes it easier to scan the best articles from political news websites across the Internet, shortening the amount of time it takes to keep up with the latest politics news. Either as a mobile app or desktop app, or just a website with a lot of links, news aggregation tools provide real-time news feeds on political topics.

You can still check in regularly at top individual political news sites like Politico, the New York Times politics section, or FiveThirtyEight. But a good general political news app is an essential tool for people trying to stay on top of government policy and political campaign news .

The following pages provide information on 10 of the best free political aggregation tools. Some make news more social by allowing comments or pulling in links from your friends and contacts on other apps such as Twitter.

The 10 reviewed here are: Memeorandum, RealClearPolitics, PoliticsToday, PolitiPage, DrudgeReport, NewsMax, Polurls and the political sections of Newser, Pulse and Zite.

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Memeorandum curates and summarizes current political news and commentary from across the political spectrum. It includes both liberal and conservative viewpoints, as well as moderate political views. The sources of the articles  include a mix of major traditional news organizations and newer outlets such as blogs. Visit Memeorandum.

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RealClearPolitics: Pioneering Political News Aggregawtion


RealClearPolitics is one of the oldest and most popular political news aggregators, with a huge following. Based in Chicago, it was founded in 2000, is updated daily and positions itself as an independent political news outlet. The site offers smart curation, linking to some of the most interesting political news, analysis, opinions, videos and polling information from a wide variety of sources all over the Web. Visit RealClearPolitics.

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Politics Today -- Free Mobile App


PoliticsToday is a free mobile app available for iOS offering a smart mix of political news from a wide variety of sources. Its proprietary algorithm selects and presenst headlines in various categories of policy issues and politics, including many that were tweeted as links on Twitter. Users can sort news in various ways, including separate filters for conservative and liberal viewpoints. Get PoliticsToday from the iTunes app store.MightMack, the app's publisher, also offers a similar app titled "Conservative Today" in the Android Google Play store.

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PolitiPage - Conservative Political News Web Aggregator

PolitiPage home page. Screenshot

PolitiPage is a news summary site that curates and summarizes political news mostly on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Visit the PolitiPage website.

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Drudge Report
Drudge Report website. Screenshot

Matt Drudge's Drudge Report is one of the Internet's earliest news aggregators. It links to major news stories of all kinds, but its specialty is politics.  The design may be outdated, but the content is useful. Visit the DrudgeReport.

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Newsmax Website

Home page for Newsmax.com. Screenshot

Newsmax.com is a website published by Newsmax Media, a company specializing in conservative political news while positioning itself as an "independent" news site. Newsmax.com draws a lot of traffic and has grown increasingly popular over the years since it was founded by Christopher Ruddy. The site is based in West Palm Beach in Florida. Visit the Newsmax website.

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Polurls: Political News for Moderates

Polurls home page. Screenshot

Polurls is a blog and political news aggregator that positions itself as a news source for moderates. It offers filters at the top of the home page that users can click to sort articles by where they fall on the political spectrum -- progressive, moderate or conservative.  The site basically is a blog that links to articles written and published by a wide variety of other political blogs. It is maintained by Mitch Fournier. Visit the Polurls website.

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Newser: Politics Section

Newser politics
Politics section on the mobile Newser app. Screenshot from iPad

Newser is a general news aggregator founded by Michael Wolff that has a snazzy interface, making scanning a lot of different news sources a breeze. It employs human editors who select and highlight news from a wide group of American and foreign news sources. Its politics section is particularly strong on the mobile app. Newser is a free mobile app and a website.

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Zite: Nice Interface for Political News

Zite news aggregator app
Zite political news channel. Screenshot from iPad

Zite is a slick mobile app for aggregating news from various sources. Its politics section is strong, offering a pleasing visual display of headlines. Zite originally was a startup; it was  purchased by CNN, which later sold it to Flipboard in 2014.( Flipboard is a social news aggregator. Visit the Zite website to download the app.