Police in Spain Use Drones to Tell People to Stay Home

It's a good, non-personnel way to remind us all of social distancing

Why This Matters

Getting people to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic has got to be difficult; using drone tech to remind people to stay in makes sure no police need to be exposed doing so.

Police in Madrid are using drones to make loud public announcements reminding people to stay home and limit exposure to coronavirus.

Drone in flight in Madrid, Spain
Madrid Police Twitter

How are they doing it: The police posted a video of the drone being operated by an officer, while it broadcast a message via an onboard speaker. As reported at the BBC, officers make the announcements from the safety of their cars, which limits their exposure.

What they said: "We will not hesitate to use all the means that we have to ensure your security and that of everyone, although some still make it difficult for us," wrote the department on their Twitter post.

The big picture: Spain has taken strong measures to slow the rate of infection recently, including declaring a national emergency and asking all of its citizens to stay indoors. Other countries are doing similarly on varying schedules as the number of infected climbs higher throughout the globe.

The bottom line: Sure, it feels pretty authoritarian to have drones flying overhead and telling you to stay in, but the science behind social distancing is solid, and can definitely "flatten the curve" for rate of infection over time. It's also a great way to make sure law enforcement officers aren't unduly exposed while in those public spaces.

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