Pokemon Masters Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs

Your guide to evolving in this Pokemon mobile game

Like the wildly popular Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters is a game exclusively available for mobile devices. However, in a departure from previous Pokemon games, trainers play an important role in battles. Learn how to evolve your pokemon and unlock all trainers in Pokemon Masters.

These cheats are for the Pokemon Masters app for iOS and Android

Pokemon Masters Trainers and Pokemon Moves

Pokemon and trainer pairings are called Sync Pairs. There is one trainer per pokemon, and vice versa. You cannot mix and match, but since you can have three Sync Pairs in battle, the possibilities for combat are nearly endless. Here's a list of Pokemon Masters' trainers and pokemon to help you plan your battle strategy:

More trainers and pokemon have been promised for future updates, so this is not a complete list.

Sync Pair Star Rank Type Sync Move
Phoebe & Dusclops 5 Star Ghost Ghost Sync Impact
Olivia & Lycanroc 5 Star Rock Shining Gem Continental Crush
Kris & Tododile 5 Star Water Water Sync Impact, Crystalline Aqua Tail
Brendan & Treecko 5 Star Grass Grass Sync Impact
Blue & Pidgeot 5 Star Flying World-Swallowing Hurricane
Lyra & Chikorita 5 Star Grass Grass Sync Beam
Karen & Houndoom 5 Star Dark Beguiling Dark Pulse
Rosa & Snivy 5 Star Grass Grass Sync Beam, Shoot for the Stars Leaf Storm
Acerola & Palossand 5 Star Ghost Never-Ending Royal Nightmare
Cheren & Stoutland 5 Star Normal Fundamental Takedown
Noland & Pinsir 4 Star Bug Factory Head X-Scissor
Hau & Raichu 4 Star Electric Endless Summer Gigavolt Havoc
Blaine & Ponyta 4 Star Fire Fire Sync Impact
Bruno & Machamp 4 Star Fighting Tainted-to-the-Max Dynamic Punch
Agatha & Gengar 4 Star Ghost Tried-and-True Hex
Will & Xatu 4 Star Psychic Mystery Masquerade Physic
Gardenia & Roserade 4 Star Grass Vivid Leaf Storm
Flint & Infernape 4 Star Fire Burn-It-All Overheat
Roxie & Whirlipede 4 Star Poison Poison Sync Impact
Shauntal & Chandelure 4 Star Ghost Dark Tales of the Shadow Ball
Siebold & Clawitzer 4 Star Water Water Pulse Du Jour
Wikstrom & Aegislash 4 Star Steel Shining Knight Iron Head
Sophocles & Togedemaru 4 Star Electric Whiz Kid Gigavolt Havoc
Koga & Crobat 4 Star Poison Modern Ninja Sludge Bomb
Clair & Kingdra 4 Star Dragon No Mercy Dragon Pulse
Drake & Salamence 4 Star Dragon Righteous Heart Dragon Claw
Thorton & Bronzong 4 Star Steel Post-analysis Flash Cannon
Marshal & Conkeldurr 4 Star Fighting Way-of-the-Warrior Focus Punch
Grant & Amaura 4 Star Rock Rock Sync Impact
Viola & Surskit 4 Star Bug Bug Sync Beam, Silver Wind Victory Shot
Nanu & Persian 4 Star Dark Dark Authority Black Hole Eclipse
Erika & Vileplume 4 Star Grass Nature-Loving Petal Dance
Lorelei & Lapras 4 Star Ice Freezing Terror Blizzard
Whitney & Miltank 4 Star Normal Supercute Rolling Tackle
Kahili & Toucannon 4 Star Flying Supersonic Skystrike Drive
Maylene & Meditite 3 Star Fighting Fighting Sync Impact
Skyla & Swanna 3 Star Flying High-Flying Sky Attack
Synga Suit Brock & Tyranitar 3 Star Rock Sygnature Rock-Solid Stone Edge
Roxanne & Nosepass 3 Star Rock Rock Sync Beam
Liza & Lunatone 3 Star Psychic Psychic of Duality
Roark & Cranidos 3 Star Rock Rock Sync Impact
Korrina & Lucario 3 Star Fighting Give-It-All-Ya-Got Power-Up Punch
Barry & Piplup 3 Star Water Water Sync Beam, Late Fee Bubble Beam
Marley & Arcanine 3 Star Fire Grateful Friend Flare Blitz
Iris & Haxorus 3 Star Dragon Dragon Sage Outrage
Marlon & Carracosta 3 Star Water Oversplash Aqua Tail
Bugsy & Beedrill 3 Star Bug Bug Expert Twineedle
Winona & Pelipper 3 Star Flying Flyaway Air Cutter
Candice & Abomasnow 3 Star Ice All-about-Focus Avalanche
Cheryl & Blissey 3 Star Normal Blissful Echo Hyper Voice
Wulfric & Avalugg 3 Star Ice Unstoppable Avalanche
Main Character & Pikachu 3 Star Electric Thunder of Newfound Passion
Brock & Onix 3 Star Rock Rock-Solid Rockslide
Misty & Starmie 3 Star Water Tomboyish Mermaid Bubble Beam
Lt. Surge & Voltorb 3 Star Electric Electric Sync Beam
Pryce & Seel 3 Star Ice Icy Sync Beam
Janine & Ariados 3 Star Poison Ninja Spirit Cross Poison
Brawly & Makuhita 3 Star Fighting Fighting Sync Impact
Flannery & Torkoal 3 Star Fire Fiery Passion Overheat
Norman & Slaking 3 Star Normal Power-Chasing Giga Impact
Tate & Solrock 3 Star Psychic Zen Headbutt of Duality
Crasher Wake & Floatzel 3 Star Water Crashdown Aqua Jet
Clay & Palpitoad 3 Star Ground Ground Sync Impact
Brycen & Cryogonal 3 Star Ice Lights, Camera, Ice Shard
Ramos & Weepinbell 3 Star Grass Grass Sync Impact
Mina & Granbull 3 Star Fairy Wandering Artist Twinkle Tackle
Hapu & Mudsdale 3 Star Ground Ultimately Worthy Tectonic Rage
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How to Unlock New Sync Pairs

New Sync Pairs become available as you progress through the story, but you can also earn random Sync Pairs by spending Gems on Sync Pair Scout in the Pokemon Center. If you get two of the same Sync Pair, their Sync Move will become more powerful.

When using Sync Moves, pay attention to your enemies' elemental weaknesses, and save your strongest attacks for targets with the most health.

How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Only certain Pokemon can evolve in Pokemon Masters. To evolve a pokemon for the first time:

  • Get the Sync Pair to level 30. 
  • Purchase five Evolution Shards.

To evolve a pokemon for the second time:

  • Get the Sync Pair to level 45.
  • Purchase five Evolution Crystals.

When you've met the above requirements, a new battle will become available that you must win to complete the evolution. Make sure to go in prepared, because if you fail, you must buy another five Evolution Shards or Crystals to try again.

Some Pokemon also have a Mega Evolution available as a Sync Move that grants temporary bonuses in battle.

How to Unlock Co-op Mode

Complete Chapter 10 and Interlude 1 to unlock multiplayer mode in Pokemon Masters.

After completing Chapter 2, you can link your Nintendo account to receive free gems.

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