Play "Pokemon Go" on the iPad and iPhone

Pokemon finally comes to mobile devices

"Pokemon Go" Logo

When it was released, "Pokemon Go" quickly became the most popular mobile app game ever as millions of people around the world downloaded and began hunting for elusive Pokemon hidden in the augmented reality world.

This is the first official "Pokemon" game released as a mobile app, and its instant popularity sent Nintendo's stock price soaring.

What Is "Pokemon Go?"

"Pokemon Go" is an augmented reality (often abbreviated to AR) game developed Niantic, a company that was originally part of Google but was spun off into its own company, in which players use their mobile phones or tablets to search the real world for hidden creatures known as Pokemon.

Players capture Pokemon by throwing Pokeballs at the creatures. If they hit the Pokemon within a target circle, it is pulled into the ball and sealed in. If the Pokemon doesn't break out of the ball—which can happen sometimes, particularly when attempting to catch powerful Pokemon—it is considered captured and becomes part of the player's collection. 

Players can train their captured Pokemon, making them stronger, and evolve them into more powerful forms of that creature. The player can also use their captured Pokemon to battle other players' Pokemon in training gyms to gain ownership of the gym. 

Playing "Pokemon Go"

To play, download "Pokemon Go" for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) or for Android devices. You will need to create a Pokemon Trainer Club Account, or you can use a Google account to log in.

Once you have downloaded the game and logged in, check out this easy "Pokemon Go" guide to everything beginners need to know to start playing.

Planned "Pokemon Go" Features

Niantic has plans to expand the gameplay in "Pokemon Go." Post-launch features that have been released or are forthcoming include:

  • Improved Pokemon tracking
  • Pokemon "buddies" allowing you to choose one Pokemon from your collection that can advance with the distances you walk
  • Pokemon trading between players
  • Pokemon player-versus-player battles
  • Addition of new Pokemon, including Legendary Pokemon

More Places for Pokemon Entertainment

There are other official Pokemon-related apps available for download on the App Store and Google Play! These apps are not full-fledged games, but if you're a PokeFan, you should still get some use out of them. Try:

Watch Out for Unofficial Pokemon Games

Pokemon is one of Nintendo's most popular game franchises, and the popularity of Pokemon has led to some unscrupulous people releasing "new" Pokemon games in hopes of making some quick money. These counterfeit Pokemon games rarely provide what they advertise. Buyers typically wind up with little more than an image gallery or with a bugged title that does not live up to expectations.

If you're not sure about the legitimacy of any game on the App Store or the Android Market, always take a look at the user reviews. They can usually help clue you in as to whether or not a game is genuine or not.