Pointofmail Review: Certified Email Service

Read receipts, track attachments, modify or delete sent messages

Graphic of business woman sending an email from a smartphone
Busakorn Pongparnit / Getty Images
What We Like
  • Pointofmail offers a mode where reading confirmation is guaranteed

  • It's easy to send pointofmail-certified emails from any email program or service

  • Pointofmail can track attachments, too, and lets you edit or delete mail after it has been sent

What We Don't Like
  • Pointofmail has modes that are not transparent to the recipient, infringing on their privacy

  • Mail sent through pointofmail can be difficult to reply to or forward

  • Pointofmail does not allow you to specify options if you send from your normal email program

Pointofmail is a free, very comprehensive proof of receipt and reading service for email. Pointofmail can ensure read receipts, tracks attachments and lets you modify or delete sent messages. Unfortunately, working with pointofmail-certified mail can be cumbersome, and most Pointofmail modes do not inform the recipient they are watched.

Services provided by Pointofmail include:

  • Tracking all email opens and reads as well as forwarding events
  • Knowing exactly who opened the email even when sending email to multiple recipients
  • Advanced Tracking mode, which guarantees that you will be notified when your email content gets read
  • Knowing if recipients are opening email on their computer or mobile device
  • Improving your timing and context when cold calling your prospect
  • Recalling sent email
  • Sending self-destructing emails based on your conditions
  • Real-Time self-destructing - email disappears while recipient reads it
  • Disabling email forwarding, copying or printing
  • Updating content of sent email, and add or remove links and attachments to sent email
  • Full Tracking Details also for link clicking. Know where they was clicked and forwarded
  • Knowing which links at your email work best
  • Knowing if link was clicked on desktop or mobile PC
  • Monitoring how fast links being clicked after opening email
  • Getting notification each time link clicked or attachment opened
  • Send, Read, Click and Attachment Open notifications
  • Getting notifications on mobile, not only Desktop PC
  • Real-Time Web Notifications in Outbox containing all tracking information, clearly presented with search, sorting and group options
  • Seamlessly integrating Pointofmail.com Tracking Events to your application with HTTP API


Pointofmail is a particularly feature-rich email return receipt service. Not only does it tell you when your messages have been opened, but it can also do the same for attachments and allows you to edit or delete emails even after they have been sent.

Pointofmail even tells you how long an email was looked at and where on earth the recipient was while doing this. To offer this multitude of options, Pointofmail employs a number of sending modes.

Regrettably, most Pointofmail modes are not transparent to the recipient. Since modern email clients do not download remote images — used by Pointofmail to track emails — by default, the recipient can only speculate and not load the hidden pictures.

Also, the mode used for a message cannot be set if the mail is sent from your normal email client (instead of Pointofmail's web interface), which is otherwise a really comfortable way to send certified messages.