4 Best Podcasts for Young Adults of 2023

Entertaining and educational podcasts for teens and college students

Learning in college often consists of reading textbooks and listening to classroom lectures. But podcasts have become one of the best ways to find smart, new information and entertainment, many of them in short 30-60 minute bursts. To help you update your learning portfolio, here is a list of entertaining and educational podcasts for young adults and college students.

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Good Job, Brain!

Screenshot of the Good Job Brain podcast website.

This is another podcast that hasn't updated since 2017, but you should still listen to if you want to succeed on Jeopardy one day. It was a weekly show that was part quiz show and part offbeat news. The hosts—Karen, Colin, Dana, and Chris—love pub trivia, breakfast cereal, portmanteau words, and animal facts. “Good Job, Brain!” was born from their love of sharing trivia and a successful Kickstarter campaign. One episode features “sticky words,” a sticky quiz about desserts and glues, and the story of a bizarre (yet true!) wave of molasses that destroyed the city of Boston.

Take your learning beyond the classroom, books and the Internet. With these podcasts, you’ll feel smarter and have some pretty entertaining listening at the same time.

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Rooster Teeth

Screenshot from the Rooster Teeth podcast website.

This show features the Rooster Teeth crew talking about comedy, gaming, films, and projects they’re currently doing. The podcast’s origins were rooted in Rooster Teeth’s long-running YouTube series, Red vs. Blue, as well as live-action shorts and comedy gameplays. The popularity of the videos led to the weekly podcast, which is extremely popular among 15-25-year-old males.

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Stuff You Should Know

The logo of the Stuff You Should Know podcast

Who names a continent? What is El Nino? How is silly putty made? These are some of the topics covered in the Stuff You Should Know podcast (which, incidentally, is brought to you by How Stuff Works). This show is a great way to learn small bits of information that will make you smarter and feed your curiosity. The show notes for each episode contains lots of reference links and additional reading if you want to learn even more information about a given topic. Each episode is about 45 minutes and released weekly.

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Keith and the Girl

A screenshot from the Keith and The Girl comedy talk show podcast website.

This one of the most popular comedy podcasts you’ll find. The show is hosted by Keith Malley and his singer girlfriend, Chemda Khalili. The two talk about their daily adventures and current events. While the premise may not sound riveting, the show continues to increase in popularity with more than 50,000 listeners and is ranked in the Top Ten Podcasts by Podcast Alley. The shows are one hour and released each weekday.

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