Promote Your Podcast Using Instagram, Snapchat and Bumpers

Get creative with these audio and visual social mediums

Podcast Promotion With Instagram

Paul Bradbury / Getty Images 

One of the most common tips that marketing and social media agencies give for any advertising or promotion is to focus on your target audience. Create the avatar of your potential listener, customer, or client. This is the profile of who your target audience is. Once you know who you are targeting, it's just a matter of finding the interests of those people, including where they are located on social media.

Social Media and Changing Demographics

Social media is a fast-changing medium and the demographics are also rapidly changing. Facebook is still the king of all demographics when it comes to market share. Instagram’s popularity is rising, especially with the younger crowd. People love consuming audio. As a podcaster, you have got that covered. The next best medium for consuming information is visual. It’s no wonder that Instagram’s popularity is rising, and Snapchat is also on the way up.​

Promoting Your Podcast With Instagram

Instagram is most popular with the younger crowd, but still, 26% of adult internet users use Instagram. With this platform, you will have access to 75 million daily users. These numbers may not be as large as Facebook's numbers, but per-follower engagement rates are 58 times higher. There are also some fun and relatively easy ways to promote you and your podcast on Instagram. A clever imagination, some basic design skills, and a smartphone are all that is needed to implement a very solid Instagram strategy.

If you spend some time browsing Instagram, you will notice that most of the top podcasters are on the platform. Some of the most popular ways to promote a podcast, brand or person on Instagram are with images and clever quotes. If you find some inspirational text or an inspirational image, put them on your feed. If you want to get fancy, put the text on the image and post that. If you want to really engage with your followers post more personal images.

Lewis Howes does a great job of this. He not only uses the quotes, but he posts more personal pictures of his life. Things like pictures of his travels, a beach shot, a picture with a guest or friend, and a photo of his latest book and mug all add a personal touch while still maintaining curated privacy.

We all know that Gary Vaynerchuk is a beast when it comes to social media, and one of his philosophies was to embrace a new medium before it gets too crowded. Instagram is solidly established, but there is still room for more thought leaders, especially those who have a fun and clever posting strategy. John Lee Dumas is another podcasting overachiever who has a solid Instagram strategy. He posts pictures of his travel and cool videos where he shares quotes and information that has inspired him.

Promoting Your Brand With Snapchat

First off, learn how to use Snapchat. Download the app and sign in. You can navigate by hitting the buttons or swiping side to side or up and down. The top-left button toggles the flash on and off. The button on the right switches the front and back camera. The story icon in the bottom right takes you to your friends' stories. The button on the bottom left goes to your inbox. The button in the middle takes a picture or a 10-second video if you hold it down. Once you have taken a picture, you get contextual buttons for saving, adding emoticons, and text.

You can also try out the many built-in Snapchat filters by swiping through them with your finger while you are viewing your image. You can then add your images to your story or send them to your friends. Once you have found your way around the app, you can start promoting your brand either through your personal account or by creating a new account for your brand. Similar to Instagram, you can have photos and images and videos that uplift, entertain, and inspire.

Snaps or pictures with Snapchat are only viewable once to your followers. There is no feed like on Facebook, so they don’t get buried, but once they are viewed they are done. You can put your snaps in a story that is available for 24 hours. Is it worth it to go through all of the trouble, since your work disappears after it is viewed? The answer is maybe. You can create real engagement and a connection by sharing stories with followers. You can also be a pioneer in a cutting-edge medium getting a step or two ahead of the crowd. 

Once you are set up, you will need to get some followers to share your snaps and stories with. The easiest way to do this is to leverage your already established social profiles or email list to find potential followers. Contact your list about your new account and put your snapcode in other social media profiles. You can also add users in person with the add nearby feature. Get creative and get the word out about your account.

Once you have your followers you can share events or private content. Just use your phone and the easy filters and text and you can create an entire story about an event, a trip, or a personal experience. People will appreciate the inside look and it will build engagement and a better connection. You can also use Snapchat to create contests or have promotions. Having users snap about your new book or wearing your new brand's t-shirts can be a great way to build engagement. You can also partner with influencers and build and engage with each other's audiences.


If Snapchat isn’t cutting-edge enough for you, there is the Bumpers app. The app is similar to Instagram but built especially for podcasters. Download the app and then create audio clips and merge them together and you get bumpers. It’s an app that allows you to record, edit, and share audio from an iPhone. This is another way to get your message out to the world and possibly reach a new audience. It is a new app, so it’s hard to say if it will catch on or not. There are quite a few low-quality bumpers on the front page of the site, so an organized strategy could create some decent results.

Have a Well-Planned Strategy

You don’t have to embrace every new or old social media strategy. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with and that your audience uses on a regular basis. Time is important, so most people can’t spend all day chasing every social trend. A well-planned quality social strategy can take your promotion and audience building to the next level. So, be smart about your social strategy and don’t be afraid to experiment with new mediums and audiences. You just might discover fa un and profitable social experiment that pays off.