Plume for Twitter Review

Plume for Twitter is clean, modern and full-featured

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astanush/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

Plume for Twitter is one of the best Twitter Android apps out there, and almost everyone agrees. It has stood the test of time. While other clients come and go, Plume is still being maintained and updated. It's well designed, comes with more features that almost any other Twitter client, and can be customized to the hilt.

User Experience

The user experience of Plume has changed over time as the Android OS has changed. The most recent iterations have brought in Holo UI design aspects, like sliding panels and menus. The app has also been updated to stay in compliance with Twitter's API changes. This has brought Twitter cards, new profile designs and more to the app.

One of the best parts about Plume is that the app allows you to put your lists and favorites into columns that make them easily accessible; all you have to do is swipe. This is reminiscent of the good-ole TweetDeck days. You can add as many columns as you want and change the order, which means if there's a list you access often, you can put it where you can easily get to it.

Plume also offers easy access to standard Twitter functions by simply tapping on a Tweet, and the menu that comes up also gives you access to a more menu which has options to share, direct message, and mute the Tweet or user. Plume is built on the idea that features are awesome. You get multiple account support, theme and color options, many notification settings, expansive URL shortening support, and more. There are panes after panes of settings, which is great for power users.


The overall design of Plume is pleasing to the eye, intuitive for new users, and easily customized. You get three different themes, Twitter user color support (labels), and more. You also get inline image and video previews, as well as easy access to links and hashtags.

The side menu of Plume is extensive. It allows you to get to your main columns, a search panel, favorites, trends, lists and more. It also gives you a list of your accounts.

While clients like Carbon and Twicca go for the more minimalistic design, Plume is fully designed and looks great. Even the popup for Tweeting outside of the app looks like it was designed with precision.


As you can tell, I like Plume. It's a great Twitter client for power users, and regular users too. If you love options, great design, and a great experience, Plume is for you. The sheer number of options might intimidate some people, and some people might prefer a more minimal design. These people won't care for Plume as much as I do.

The best part about Plume for Twitter is that it has a lot of users. Twitter's new API rules state that clients who have over 100,000 users can have up to 200% times the number of users they had when the API changes went into effect. Plume has been downloaded 5,000,000 times [Source]. This means that Plume probably won't be shutting down any time soon due to Twitter restrictions. A lot of Twitter clients have had to shut down development because of those restrictions, which means a client that can offer some security is worthy of praise.

Plume is available in both free and paid ($4.99) versions on Google Play. It works on Android 2.3+.