Please, Apple, Don’t Discontinue the Original HomePod

I love this smart speaker

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is discontinuing the original HomePod smart speaker. 
  • I love my HomePod and think the terrific sound makes up for the high price tag. 
  • The HomePod runs through lots of fancy software calculations to ensure you are getting the best possible sound in a particular setting.
An Apple Homepod with a keyboard nearby both on top of a wooden surface.
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Apple is getting rid of its original HomePod, and I think it’s making a big mistake. 

The company is discontinuing the original HomePod in favor of the HomePod Mini, which debuted last fall. The smaller, $99 smart speaker has been a hit, thanks to its sound quality, lower price point, and seamless iPhone connectivity. 

But the original HomePod is a brilliant product that’s never entirely been given its due. Its initial high price tag turned many people off, but it offers incredible sound and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem that will be hard to replace. 

The original HomePod arrived in 2018 as Apple's first foray at high-end audio. But the device had a hard time competing with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home series of gadgets. 

"I hope Apple changes its mind about discontinuing the original Homepod or even ends up coming out with a sequel to this model."

Looks to Kill

When I bought the HomePod two years ago, the first thing I noticed is its unique look with its deep black hues and mysterious lights on top. I still think it’s one of the most striking pieces of tech equipment ever made.

The only thing that compares to its intensely futuristic, enigmatic, and streamlined esthetic is the dear departed Twentieth Anniversary Mac. Interestingly, that model of Mac, which initially sold for many thousands of dollars, also was touted for its incredible audio qualities. 

Yes, the HomePod has its quirks. First among them is the fact that it is saddled with Siri, who is a fickle friend at best. Sometimes, Siri responds instantly to my commands, while at others, there’s an awkward silence while she thinks and thinks. By contrast, my Amazon Echo speaker has no trouble understanding my mutterings. 

But the glorious sound that the HomePod produces makes up for it all. I’ve tried Amazon's and Google’s offerings, and I’m here to say that Apple’s HomePod beats all their devices. The HomePod offers deep bass and room-filling sound, and while I’m no audiophile, it’s one of the best-sounding speakers that I’ve heard.

Someone adjusting the volume on the Apple Homepod.
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I love the fact that the HomePod contains eight speakers controlled by an A8 processor and custom software. The unit has seven tweeters that fire down and out from the bottom, and a single four-inch woofer shooting out of the top for low frequencies. 

The HomePod also contains seven microphones. There are six microphones for Siri and a seventh inside that measures that woofer’s location so it can control the bass. The goal is to make the speaker reduce extra sounds from reflections in whatever room you are putting it in.

In my experience, this works very well, and the HomePod automatically detects when you pick it up and recalibrates the sound when you bring it to another room. 

The HomePod runs through lots of fancy software calculations to ensure you are getting the best possible sound in a particular setting. But in true Apple fashion, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff or fiddle with software settings. The HomePod does it all itself without any help. 

Fits Right into Your Apple Life

If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem, there’s also no beating the convenience of the HomePod. You don’t need to download extra apps or fiddle with settings. 

A deeply underrated feature of the HomePod is its ability to work as a great speakerphone. It’s easy to switch calls from my iPhone to the HomePod, and the call quality is incredible. It’s easier to hear people on my HomePod than when they are in the same room. 

An Apple Homepod with a television in the background.
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Another great thing about the HomePod is its deep integration with Apple TV, making it a valuable part of my home TV setup. I didn’t have to invest in a pricey soundbar to get excellent quality audio on my TV with my current hookup. 

I hope Apple changes its mind about discontinuing the original HomePod, or even ends up coming out with a sequel to this model. Until then, keep an eye out for any sales on the HomePod. It will serve you well.

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