PlayStation VR2 Gets a Release Date and an Intense Price Tag

At least you have a few months to save up?

PlayStation VR2 (a.k.a. VR for PlayStation 5) finally has an official release date and an eye-watering price tag.

We already knew Sony's next virtual reality headset was due in "early 2023," but now we have an exact date and price. The base PSVR2 set, which includes the headset, left and right PSVR2 Sense controllers, and headphones, launches on February 22, 2023, and carries an MSRP of $549.99. That makes it a bit more than either the original PSVR or the Meta Quest 2 post-price hike.

PlayStation VR2

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Granted, the PSVR2 does offer a bit more than its predecessor, with a slightly wider field of view (110 degrees instead of 100 degrees), a higher resolution OLED panel, more accurate controller tracking, and it'll be a bit more comfortable due to its reduced weight and improved airflow. The only real catch is that price. And that's not even factoring in the cost of the PS5, which you need to use the PSVR2.

If you want more than just the headset and controllers, though, a bundle that includes the upcoming PSVR2 exclusive, Horizon Call of the Mountain, will also be available for $599.99. Want a PSVR2 Sense controller charging station? That'll be another $49.99.

PSVR2 Horizon Bundle

Sony Interactive Entertainment

You can register for pre-orders today over at, with pre-orders properly opening up starting on Tuesday, November 15. Reservations will eventually be available through other retailers, but Sony states they'll be limited to the official PlayStation store for an undisclosed amount of time.

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