Use the PlayStation Store for PC to Download to a PSP

Download games without Wi-Fi using Sony Media Go

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If you don't have a wireless router or a PS3, you can use a PC with an internet connection to download games, demos, and other content from the PlayStation Store to your PSP thanks to a program called Media Go.

Sony discontinued Media Go in 2018, so it is no longer possible to download games from the PlayStation store to a PSP using a PC. This article remains for archive purposes only.

What You Need to Use the PSP PlayStation Store for PC

Here's what you'll need to download games from your computer to your PSP:

  • A Sony PSP (any model)
  • A PSP memory stick with sufficient space for your downloads
  • A USB cable (standard connection on one end and Mini-B on the other)
  • A Windows PC (not a Mac) with an internet connection

You cannot view PlayStation Store content on your PC, nor can you download PlayStation Store content directly to your PC. You must have a PSP connected to your computer to access the store from the Media Go app.

How to Use the PlayStation Store on PSP With No Wi-Fi

To purchase games for PSP from the PlayStation Store using your PC:

  1. Download and install Sony Media Go for PSP.

  2. Turn on your PSP and connect it to your PC with a USB cable, then go to the Settings menu and select USB Connection.

  3. Launch Sony Media Go for PSP. If this is the first time you've started up Media Go, it will run through the setup process and then take you to the PlayStation Store.

    If you've used Media Go before, select the PS Store icon.

  4. Find the game, demo, video, or other content you want and select download. You can choose to download the content immediately or add it to your cart so that you can download multiple items all at once.

    If prompted, install the updated version of the PlayStation Network Downloader, then restart your computer and relaunch Media Go.

  5. If you've never used the PlayStation Store on your PC before, you will need to log in or create an account.

    If you already have a PlayStation Network account set up on your PS3 or PSP, use the same login info when accessing the PlayStation Store on PC.

  6. The content will begin downloading to your PSP. Once it's finished, disconnect your game system. The new content will appear in your downloads.

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