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The PlayStation mobile controller for iPhone and Android lets you play PlayStation games through PS Remote Play

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The Backbone One is a controller that lets you play PlayStation games on iPhone or Android through PS Remote Play.

Backbone One Release Date

The Backbone CEO introduced the Backbone One for iPhone on the PlayStation Blog on July 28, 2022. Backbone One for Android was announced on May 23, 2023.

Visit the Backbone One PlayStation Edition website to order the iPhone or Android version.

PS Remote Play on Backbone One screen

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Backbone One PlayStation Mobile Controller Price

Backbone One is $99.99 for both Android and iPhone.

Backbone One Features & Specs

Rather than operating like other handhelds, like the PlayStation Vita—a fully self-contained console—this controller instead leverages the user's smartphone for gameplay.

For PlayStation users, this works through Remote Play, which allows PlayStation 3 and newer to transmit video and audio output to another device, your iPhone or Android, in this case. PS Remote Play is already available on Android and iOS devices, and you can use PlayStation controllers with it.

Backbone One provides a compact controller that you can easily tuck away in a bag and pull out and attach to your phone to game anywhere. The device wraps around your phone, letting you use physical buttons, much like a standard console controller, rather than on-screen buttons.

While Bluetooth was the only way Remote Play could work with DUALSHOCK or DualSense controllers, this new method involves a physical connection for smoother playback. Plus, since there's a built-in holder for your phone, you don't have to find a good place to prop up the screen.

You can download the Backbone app for various PlayStation integrations, like custom glyphs and the ability to browse through hundreds of game. The app brings all your games into one place, both app store games and supported game streaming services.

There are two models: PlayStation Edition (white) and Standard (black). The former comes with PlayStation glyphs and includes official support for PS Remote Play. The Standard model has ABXY face buttons and doesn't include official support for PS Remote Play.

There isn't a battery in Backbone One, but it does draw a bit of power from your phone during longer gameplay sessions. The Lightning or USB-C port, depending on the model, supports pass-through charging.

Backbone One Specs
iPhone Android
Height 3.70 inches 3.70 inches
Width (Contracted) 6.94 inches 6.94 inches
Width (Extended) 10.14 inches 10.14 inches
Depth 1.28 inches  1.28 inches 
Weight 4.87 ounces 4.87 ounces
Port Lightning USB-C

Backbone One Compatibility

All iPhones running iOS 15 or newer versions are supported. Almost all USB-C Android devices with Android 8.0 or newer, with support for USB OTG, are supported.

A console or computer is required to take advantage of remote play apps offered by PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. However, Backbone One also works with Google Play Store games, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and more. Check out the Backbone Platforms page to learn about platforms with support for Backbone.

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