Playdate Console Gets a Boost: New Store and System Update Roll Out

There are also plenty of new (and free) games

The diminutive crank-powered Playdate gaming console just received a major system update that adds a storefront and plenty of other nifty features. 

Developer Panic, who designed and manufactured the Playdate console, is calling the brand-new storefront Catalog, as it is heavily curated to only present the best and brightest games by up-and-coming developers. The Playdate Catalog launches today and already boasts plenty of titles to choose from. 



This is the first time Playdate owners can shop and download games directly on the console itself. Previously, new games were released weekly as part of a development season. If you were bored and didn't want to wait for a whole week to play a new game, you could sideload titles via the indie hosting platform, but that requires a computer and a bit of patience. 

Panic does not know how often the Catalog storefront will be updated, saying they will "feel it out" as they go. For now, though, users are alerted to new titles via a blinking blue light at the top of the console.

The company also announced a slew of new games, including several free titles available right now and a forthcoming stereo Bluetooth speaker/charging dock. No pricing or availability has been announced yet for this accessory, though Panic is teaming up with audio gear aficionados Teenage Engineering to build the speaker. 

Today’s livestream did include one piece of unfortunate news. The cost of the Playdate console is increasing from $180 to $200 in April due to increased component costs. 

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