Play the Original Pacman Online for Free

Where & how to play Pacman online

The original Pacman game is available online. No longer do you have to trek down to an arcade when you can pull it up right now in your browser without ever leaving your home.

We like this version of the game because it's super simple to play and even has a high score list you can aim to get on.

Below is some more information like how to access the site, the overall purpose of Pacman if you're not already familiar, and what the game controls are for playing.

Pacman online game

How to Play Flash Pacman

Visit Flash Pacman and select anywhere in the game window to start.

The name has been carried over from a time when it used Flash, but it's actually an HTML5 version, meaning that it should work in most web browsers.

Pacman moves forward automatically in whichever way he's facing, so you don't need to worry about controlling his speed or having him stop moving while you're playing. But to actually control his direction, you'll need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard so that he moves around the path according to your choices.

The instructions are rather self-explanatory: up arrow moves him up, the down arrow moves him down, the right arrow moves him right, and the left arrow moves him left.

The point of the game is to avoid the ghosts, for if they touch you, you'll instantly lose a life, and you only have three. To avoid dying, make your way through a path that avoids the ghosts, and be sure not to back yourself into a corner!

However, there's also a secondary goal at the same time: see how many points you can collect, which is why you should try your best to run into as many dots as possible. Each dot that you eat increases your score.

Another way to get points is to eat the cherries and the flashing dots. The flashing dots not only give you points but also turn the ghosts into your prey, meaning you can now eat the ghosts to get points and to eliminate them from the game. When you eat one of these flashing dots, the ghosts will change their color to blue and start to run away from you. This means you should immediately change course and try to eat them before they turn back to their original color and make their way after you.

After you're done playing, you can enter your name to be submitted into the list of Pacman high scores. You can look at this list at any time by returning to the main menu (refreshing the page) and choosing HIGH SCORES.

There are also some hidden controls that can pause (p), quit (q), toggle a lower or higher quality version (L), and mute the sounds (m).

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