Now You Can Play Pong On The Apple Watch

Now you can play Pong on your Apple Watch.

An app called “A Tiny Game of Pong” launched for the wearable this month, and brings the 1970s classic to your wrist. Gameplay is possible thanks to the Apple Watch’s digital crown. The game itself runs $.99. To get it on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to buy it from the App Store, and then install it onto your Apple Watch using the Apple Watch app.

Once the game starts, you’re looking at a game almost identical to the 1970s classic you are probably used to.

Since you’re (obviously) playing as a single player, you’re only able to control the paddle on the bottom of the screen. The paddle on the top of the screen is controlled by the computer. To control your paddle, you turn the digital crown, which moves the paddle on the screen from right to left.

For $.99 you’re able to play the classic version of the game. Additional in-app purchases allow you to pick different colors and themes for the game, buying in-app also earns you a “supporter” badge beside your name within the app, if you’re into that kind of recognition.

According to an article on the game in TechCrunch, building the app took its developer just 5 months, with some of that time dedicated to things like building the website for the app and marketing rather than actually building the app. A big-time sucker was building Game Center frameworks (so you can compete in games against your friends) because watchOS 2 doesn’t natively support Game Center.

That means the app had to create a way to sync with the iPhone that allowed it to sync with Gam Center as well.

Pong is just one of many vintage games available for the Apple Watch. One of our other favorite vintage games available for the Apple Watch is Tamagotchi. That app works just like the Japanese keychains of yore and allows you to keep your own virtual pet on your watch during the day.

While there, you can feed it, pet it, and put it to sleep, all in a quest to keep it alive until it turns into an adult. 

Unlike the Pong app, Tamagotchi was originally an app made just for the iPhone. While you can get push notifications on your wrist about your pet, the game also requires that you have an iPhone present if you actually want to interact with it. On your wrist, you’re merely going to see that your pet needs attention, but not actually be able to give the pet that attention unless you bust out your Apple Watch as well.

Another game we particularly enjoy is Lifeline. Similar to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of our past, Lifeline puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the life of an astronaut. Throughout the day (and night) the astronaut, which has been abandoned on a planet, checks in with you and asks for advice on what he should do. Your choices in those decisions determine whether he ultimately lives or dies. It’s a fun game, that can be an interesting way to play a game all day, without really disrupting your work or home life.

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