How to Play Multiplayer on a Meta (Oculus) Quest 2

Invite your friends from the People menu

What to Know

  • Universal menu in VR: Select People, move cursor over a friend, select Party. Wait for friend to join.  
  • Once friend has joined: Select Choose App, and select an app or game that you and your friend both own.
  • From the Meta Quest app: Tap Menu > Invite Links > Create an Invite Link > Select an App, then choose an app and destination and share the link with friends.

This article explains how to play multiplayer on a Meta (Oculus) Quest 2.

How to Play Multiplayer Games on a Meta (Oculus) Quest 2

There are two ways to play multiplayer games on a Meta Quest 2. The easiest way is to start up any game that supports multiplayer and includes a matchmaking feature and then start the multiplayer mode. For example, you can launch Horizon Worlds, Rec Room, VR Chat, and many others, and jump right into a co-op or competitive multiplayer game with strangers.

If you prefer to play with friends, your Quest 2 lets you party with up to seven of your friends at a time to chat, hang out, and play games. Your Quest needs to be updated to access this feature, so make sure to check for updates before you try. You also need an internet connection, so make sure your Quest is connected to Wi-Fi and that there isn’t too much interference.

These instructions work for local multiplayer, but all of the players still need to be connected to the internet and be logged into their headsets using their own Meta accounts.

Here’s how to play multiplayer games with friends on a Meta Quest 2:

  1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller to open the universal menu.

    The Oculus button on an Oculus controller.
  2. Select the People icon.

    The People icon highlighted on the Quest universal menu.
  3. Move your cursor over a friend’s card.

    A friend's card highlighted in the Quest People menu.
  4. Select Party.

    Party highlighted in the People menu on a Quest 2.
  5. Once your friend is in the party, select Choose App.

    Choose App highlighted in the Quest 2 party menu.

    You can start chatting immediately and don’t have to play a game if you don’t want to. You can also invite other people at this time.

  6. Locate the Watch or play with your party section, and select a game or app to play together.

    The watch or play with your party section highlighted in the Quest app library.

    The watch or play with your party section highlights games everyone in the group has access to, which makes it easier to find something you can all play.

  7. The game will launch, and your friends will join you.

How to Manage Your Party

Once you’re in a party, you can block people if they’re causing trouble, mute yourself, switch from party to app chat, and more.

Here’s how to manage your Quest 2 party:

  1. Press the Oculus button on your controller to open the universal menu. If you're in a party, you'll see party controls at the bottom of the menu.

    Party controls highlighted at the bottom of the Quest 2 universal menu.

    You can do this even when you’re in a game.

  2. To leave the party, select the red phone icon.

    The red phone icon highlighted on the Quest 2 universal menu.
  3. To mute yourself, select the microphone icon.

    The microphone icon highlighted on the Quest 2 universal menu..
  4. To switch to app chat, select the App icon.

    The App icon highlighted on the Quest 2 universal menu.

    If you select this, you’ll be able to communicate with people in the same game as you who aren’t in your party.

  5. Select the green phone button to manage your party.

    The green phone icon highlighted on the Quest 2 universal menu.
  6. To manage a party member, select the menu icon (three dots) on their card.

    The three dots menu icon highlighted on a friend's card in the Quest 2 party menu.
  7. View Profile lets you see the person’s profile, while Block and Report are useful if the person is causing problems.

    View Profile, Block and Report highlighted in Quest 2 party controls.
  8. Click the gear icon to manage who can join the party.

    The gear icon highlighted in the Quest 2 party menu.
  9. If you want to open up the party to all of your friends, select the toggle then select Done.

    The friends can join your party toggle highlighted on Quest 2.

    If the toggle is gray, nobody will be able to join your party unless you invite them.

How to Find People You Played With on Quest 2

A lot of Quest 2 games let you play with strangers. If you had a good time, you may want to invite them to your party to keep playing, or even follow them to play again in the future. To do this, you’ll need to access the Recently Met section of the social menu.

Here’s how to find people you played with on Quest 2:

  1. Open the People menu, and select Recently Met.

    Recently Met highlighted in the Quest 2 People menu.
  2. Move your cursor over the person’s card.

    The top right card highlighted in the Recently Met menu on Quest 2.
  3. Select Follow.

    Follow highlighted in the Recently Met menu on Quest 2.
  4. The person will now appear in your follow list and will have the opportunity to follow you back.

How to Invite Friends to a Quest 2 Multiplayer Session

If your friends aren’t all online, or you’re trying to set up a virtual reality (VR) gaming session and you aren’t yet in VR, you can create invite links through the Meta app that you originally used to set up your Quest 2. Anyone can use the link to join your VR party, so only share it with people you want to play with.

Here’s how to send your friends a Quest 2 multiplayer invite link:

  1. Tap Menu in the Meta Quest app.

  2. Tap Invite Links.

  3. Tap Create an Invite Link.

    Menu, Invite Links, and Create an Invite Link highlighted in the Meta app.
  4. Tap Select an App.

  5. Tap a multiplayer app, i.e. VR Chat.

  6. If prompted, tap Destination.

    Select an App, VRChat, and Destination highlighted in the Meta app.

    Depending on the app, you may be prompted to select a destination as well. This will be the game mode or part of the game your friends join you in.

  7. Tap Create Link.

  8. Tap Share.

  9. Select a sharing method, or tap Copy and send the link to your friends via whatever method you like.

    Create Link, Share, and Copy highlighted in the Meta app.
  • What multiplayer games does the Quest 2 support?

    You'll find a list of multiplayer games on the Quest 2 by searching for "multiplayer" on the Oculus website. There are also Top 10 multiplayer Quest 2 games lists available.

  • Can two people use the Quest 2 at the same time?

    It's not possible for two different people to simultaneously share a Quest 2 due to the physical constraints of it being a single headset. However, multiple users can take turns sharing the Quest 2 using different profiles, and app sharing between profiles is supported.

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