Play Microsoft's New Surf Game In Edge Browser

Use your keyboard, mouse, or game controller to surf the farthest

Most of us have some more time on our hands right now, so here's a new distraction, plus an opportunity to play around with the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge surfing game screen

If you're looking for something to do in between Zoom meetings and TikTok videos, Microsoft has just released a fun little time-waster of a surf game for its new Edge browser.

What it is: Surf is a quick little game that loads instantly and gives you a tiny little surfer that you must guide through increasingly treacherous seas. There are rocks, whirlpools, sea monsters, and other surfers to avoid on your quest to zip along the farthest you possibly can. You can use your keyboard's arrow keys and spacebar to steer (or a connected game pad or other controller) and see how far you can get. Your tiny surf dude or dudette will speed up over time, too, making fast reflexes a must.

How to play: Simply launch Microsoft's latest Edge browser on Windows or macOS and type 'edge://surf/' (without the quotes) into the address bar at the top. You can see Edge's Chromium underpinnings here, as this type of URL is how Chrome gets you to various apps and screens for things like downloads or history.

Bottom Line: We're betting you have time to waste, whether you're working from home or not. A quick little bite-sized game may be just the thing you're looking for while you wait for something more important to do.

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