Plants vs. Zombies Cheat Codes for the PC

Plants versus Zombies 3

The following cheat codes are available for the Plants vs. Zombies computer game on PC released by PopCap Games. Cheats for this game are simply typed in while playing the game.

Note: You can also find codes for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Cheat Codes

Alternate Lawn Mower Appearance
Cheat code: trickedout

Candy Rains When Zombies Die
Cheat code: pinata

Daisies Appear When Zombies Die
Cheat code: daisies

Toggles Zombie Call For Brains Sound
Cheat code: sukhbir

Zombies Dance
Cheat code: dance

Zombies Have Mustaches
Cheat code: mustache

Zombies Wear Sunglasses
Cheat code: future