How To Plant Trees in Animal Crossing

Become a tree-growing expert

In your Animal Crossing: New Horizons village, you'll quickly notice that there are many trees around. These can be regular trees, fruit-bearing trees, or even money trees which can get you some bells.

Growing trees in Animal crossing is easy to do. Follow this guide to learn how!

How To Grow Regular Trees

To grow a tree without fruit in Animal Crossing, you'll need to follow different steps than a tree with fruit. Here's how to plant and grow a tree.

  1. Buy saplings from Nook's Cranny. You can either buy singular tree saplings or you can buy them in groups of five. If you're at the beginning of the game, you can still find tree saplings from Timmy in Resident Services.

    buying tree saplings from timmy
  2. Find a spot to plant the tree. Make sure there is at least one block of space between the area of the tree you want to plant and objects such as water, cliffs, or other trees.

  3. Go into your inventory and select the sapling. Choose Plant Here to plant your sapling in the spot you have chose.

    planted sapling

How To Grow Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are very important in Animal Crossing, as you can sell the fruit you grow, eat it, or use it in a variety of ways. You'll especially may want to plant fruit that's not native to your village, as you can sell it for more bells.

  1. Make sure you have a shovel and at least one piece of fruit you want to grow a tree for. You can get a shovel by crafting it with Tom Nook.

  2. Head to the spot you want to plant your fruit. Dig a hole with your shovel.

    digging a hole for fruit tree
  3. Go into your inventory and select the fruit you want to plant. Choose Plant 1 from the drop down. Then you'll plant the fruit and should see a tree sprout.

    tree sprout of fruit tree

How To Plant a Money Tree

Another type of tree you can plant is a money tree. These actually grow bells, allowing you to collect them with each money tree you grow. With a little bit of work, you can easily grow these trees.

  1. Take your shovel and look around your village for a golden glowing spot in the ground. These should appear every so often.

    glowing spot for money tree
  2. Dig up the glowing area, and then open your inventory. Go to your bells and pull out the amount you wish to plant. Whatever amount you put into the hole, the tree will grow times three. However, any amount above 10,000 bells may not return exactly that amount.

    glowing spot dug up
  3. The bells will be planted and you should see a tree sprout. Once the tree has grown, you can shake the bells off. The bells won't regrow, but you can try to find another glowing spot to regrow more.

Why You Should Grow Trees

So how will growing trees help you out in-game? There are actually quite a few benefits of growing lots of trees in your village.

Growing regular trees is great for decoration, but that's not all they can be good for. You can shake regular trees, and sometimes they will drop bells or furniture. Just be careful of wasp nests!

Fruit trees are good to grow if you want to have every kind of fruit on your island and to sell these fruits. The more fruit you can collect daily, the more bells you'll be able to get.

The benefit of money trees, of course, needs no explanation. You get three times the amount you put in for free. Trees in general are very important in Animal Crossing and can help you out immensely. And now you know how to grow them!

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