5 Places to Look for #MondayMotivation Quotes & Images

Jump on the #MondayMotivation Trend for a Great Start to Your Week

Do you jump on social media right when you wake up or get into the office on Monday? You're not the only one. #MondayMotivation has a become a popular hashtag that people have been using increasingly more often to share quotes and images that help them get in the groove and start the new week off right -- usually by way of exercise or work.

Your friends and followers may appreciate a nice boost of motivation that you decide to share, even if they're not too happy to be up so early or back at work after the weekend. Combining a good quote with a good image usually does the trick!

Here are five places to look for quotes and images that you can tag with #MondayMotivation when you post them to your social profiles.

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Monday Motivation
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Pinterest is the social network for people who love visual imagery, and with its advanced search capabilities, you can drill down your results to find exactly what you're looking for. When you plug "Monday Motivation" into the search bar, not only will you get to see all sorts of great images you can repin, but you'll also be able to filter through them further by clicking on the list of related search suggestions. Click on Quotes, Fitness, Humor or any other term for more specific results.

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Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms right now, and because of its highly visual interface and easy reblog feature, a lot of great images get passed around. Tumblr also has an extremely active fitness community (called Fitblrs), which is largely centered around the #MondayMotivation content you'll find there. Using the search bar for the term will show you some related search terms (inspiration, success, motivating quotes) along with some suggested blogs to follow and a grid of posts similar to Pinterest's format -- which you can filter by most popular, most recent, or even by post type.

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Like Tumblr, Instagram has a massively active fitness community, so when you search through the posts tagged with #MondayMotivation, you'll find a mix of sweaty selfies, quotes, chiseled bodies, workout equipment, and quotes on images. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't make it very easy to search for posts with multiple hashtags like Pinterest and Tumblr do, so you may have to search through #MondayMotivation posts and #Quotes posts separately. You can, however, use a specific third-party tool to help you track certain hashtags on Instagram more easily.

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If you want to track super active hashtags, there's no better place to look than on Twitter. As with any phrase or hashtag you plugin into Twitter's search bar, you can switch between the top tweets and live tweets as they're coming in for #MotivationMonday. You'll find everything from regular text-based tweets and links to articles, to images with quotes and funny GIFs

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So, we've covered all the major social networks where #MondayMotivation is huge. By doing some simple searching, you can find all sorts of great quotes and images that you can repin, reblog, repost or retweet.

We Heart It, however, is another lesser known resource that's especially popular with women looking for inspiring photos and quotes. It's an image-sharing platform that allows users to upload their own images, follow users whose content they like, create collections of images they like the best (similar to Pinterest boards), and share any image to Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. With so many motivational quotes being shared on this platform every day, it's the perfect place find loads of #MondayMotivation images.

We Heart It Tip: You can use the search bar to search for #MondayMotivation images, but it helps you have an account set up first.  More »

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